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Delta Goodrem - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by neonknives, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Excellent! Looking forward to hearing new Delta stuff.
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  2. This will be Delta's first release with Spotify making up a lot of chart sales now isn't it? Will be interesting how it does.
  3. That's exciting! Looking forward to it. She looks incredible in that photo.
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  4. I hope this is incredible! I was told earlier that the album's out in June, so at least it's not too long a wait.
  5. Wow!

    I’m sold already.
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  6. Come ON Delts! Show 'em!
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  7. Not the imagery being on point.
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  8. I really hope these June plans go ahead, I can't handle another messy release schedule from Delta! So pumped for this.
  9. How stunning does she look on the cover!
    Can't wait for the track to be released!
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  10. She's looks absolutely stunning in these new images!
  11. Those people would be 100% correct!

    Herald Sun: Delta gets racy on new song

    Think About You includes the opening line “Every time I look at you your clothes are coming off” and the chorus runs “I think about you naked when I’m looking at you.”

    The song’s bridge features the lyric “Too many days I think about it, too many nights I’ve spent without it, I need a way to get this started, get you out of my head and get you into my arms.”

    The song’s lyrics recall the change in image Goodrem’s hero Olivia Newton-John made with her 1981 hit Physical.
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  12. Queen of method acting.
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  13. Gimme those Adultra jams, queen!
  14. So we could be getting 2 Delta albums (1 being the Olivia album) this year??? have I died and gone to pop heaven?

  15. Another tease
  16. Erotica is shaking.
  17. Queen of activewear.
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  18. It's going to be interesting to hear her explore this side of herself, the last album definitely seemed to be more daring so it's intriguing.

    She looks gorgeous on the cover.
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  19. Looking forward to this. It’s also positive to hear that they are starting the campaign with an album release date planned for June rather than last time when it felt like they did t know what was happening.
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