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Delta Goodrem - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by neonknives, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Innocent Eyes is one of my all-time favourite albums and an album I grew up with, but I think if I were just getting into Delta now and discovering her all at once, COTU would be my favourite. There a couple of duds but it's largely superb.
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  2. Innocent Eyes (album) is when I first got into her and is probably the one I’ve played most overall. However, I’ve found myself going back to Mistaken Identity a lot. I love the slightly darker vibe to it. Electric Storm is also one of my favourites of hers if not my favourite.

    I’ve not listened to Delta or Child of the Universe much yet. I need to get into those. Wings of the Wild is great, I need to go back to that more too though.
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  3. Innocent Eyes was an amazing album when first released but apart from the singles it hasn't dated well. The 10 year anniversary version is unlistenable for me.
    I love most tracks on Mistaken Identity but I think my fave album is now Child of the Universe. Athought I can't decide if I prefer the album version or single version of Dancing With a Broken Heart. I like both equally. How about the rest of you?
    Delta would have been her best album if God Laughs and Woman were swapped for Breathe in, Breathe out, Take me Home and Right Here in My Heart.

    My ideal version of Delta, which, due to the three song tracks that contain these words I would have called the album 'Delta - My Heart' :

    1. Believe Again
    2. You will only Break my Heart
    3. In This Life
    4. Possessionless
    5. The Guardian
    6. Take Me Home
    7. Bare Hands
    8. I Can't Break it to my Heart
    9. Brave Face
    10. One Day
    11. Breathe in, Breathe Out
    12. Right Here in My Heart
    13. Angels in the Room
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  4. The album was originally going by the name "Conditions of a Heart" before it became self-titled. At least that is what was being reported when In This Life came out.
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  5. I think Innocent Eyes is a fab debut. I regularly go back and listen to it, and I think as I've grown up, I've come to appreciate it even more. Me and my friend at school loved her, and even though she was pretty successful in the UK at that time, I still felt like that she was someone no one really knew about if that makes sense?

    Mistaken Identity I think, edges to being my favourite Delta album. I remember buying the CD from Woolworths, and making sure my parents got me the special edition that came in special packaging and with a DVD. I loved pretty much all the tracks (I think I remember I used to skip Sanctuary and Miscommunication) If I ever got the change to meet/speak to her, I think I'd have to ask her what her feeling are to the album, considering she had just gone through her cancer battle, and overall it being a much darker album than Innocent Eyes.

    Delta I personally think she probably dropped the ball a little bit. That's not to say I don't enjoy the album, but I think because it was the first album that wasn't released in the UK, it wasn't on my radar as much. I still kept up with her releases etc. I don't particularly like Woman on this album, just think it's a bit boring. I don't know whether her large output of this album being with Brian McFadden perhaps didn't make it a truly 'Delta' album?

    Child of the Universe I remember taking AGES to finally be released. I loved the first single and I was just happy to have new Delta music, after the Delta campaign seemed to take a long time (her Australian tour for the album came 2 years after the album came out). It's one of those albums for me that I can put on and because it has a few different sounds, I don't get bored of (and the two bonus tracks are amazing)

    Wings of the Wild keeps up the momentum of Child of the Universe and expands more on the style that the previous album gave us. I was a bit confused with the I Believe In A Thing Called Love cover (I know it was the song she performed at her brothers wedding) when it was on there but I think she did a great version of it. I don't know if it quite hits the highs that Mistaken Identity does for me, but when I listen to it, I thoroughly enjoy!

    After all my ramblings above, I basically want Delta to come back to the UK again, or at least do a small tour in 3/4 cities and I'll be happy. And for her next album to hurry up!
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  6. Mistaken Identity will always be the best. It took all of the best parts of the (brilliant) debut and turned it into something a bit darker, more coherent and a bit more interesting overall. A trimmed version of Child Of The Universe would have been relentless, however.

    Is it strange that I never warmed to (most of) Wings Of The Wild?
  7. Wings Of The Wild is a strange situation for me. I like every track (except for Only Human, that one can choke) but I never feel like listening to it in full.

    The River is easily in my Delta top5 tho. A banger and a half.
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  8. Innocent Eyes has a couple of fillers but I still love the overall album. Mistaken Identity however has a handful of really strong tracks, but some of the worst filler material of her career, it is so dull.

    The Delta and Child Of The Universe albums are equally as strong, the latter though just edges it. Wings Of The Wild was also a really strong album and 'Wings' deserved to smash. Such a shame.
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  9. Child of the Universe is definitely the album of her career. Not a weak track in sight.
  10. Brian McFadden’s only good moment in his musical career was co-writing Believe Again. I bet he thought of the “whole again” lyric ddd.
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  11. I didn't know this. Thanks for sharing. It would have made a great title. It's better than 'Delta'.
  12. Well, that and Almost Here. It's a shame he's such a trash fire of a person.
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  13. Am I a complete spazz, because I just discovered The Score randomly on Apple Music today? I swear I have never even heard of it.
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  14. Delta is definitely at the bottom. For ironically being the least Delta album thus far.
    Although (singles aside) Possessionless, and Bare Hands are quite lovely.

    Innocent Eyes is her closest to a classic, and most definitely her defining album. Lost Without You, Butterfly, and Longer are personal faves.

    Mistaken Identity was a tough one for me when it first came out but I think it’s actually become my favourite Delta album. Be Strong, Sanctuary, and Fragile are all gorgeous. The Analyst, Mistaken Identity, and Miscommunication are also faves.

    I don’t have the same opinions as I used to for Child of the Universe, but it still has a lot to offer. The Speed of Life, I Lost All Love 4 You, and Control are my current faves.

    Wings of the Wild didn’t grab me at first, and I don’t think I had a full appreciation of it until lately, but I’ve found a few good uns. Enough, Heavy, Feline, and Encore are all quite good.
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  15. I did too not long ago. It's a fun little track.
  16. I also quite like Hollow No More (the bside), probably more than Almost Here actually.
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  17. I listen to Hollow No More a lot, definitely more that Almost Here, both great songs though.
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  18. Some of Brian’s solo material isn’t half bad. Date rape anthem not included.
  19. So I finally got round to watching the Wings of the Wild concert and I was in floods of tears with Dear Life! How did they put that together? Did someone print off thousands of thank yous?
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  20. Feline is probably her best work, for me.
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