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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. This has made me so happy to have some of these in high quality! Now just need Breath In, Breath Out to be added and that would be perfect!

    Also, No Communication is not on Spotify? Any thoughts why?
  2. It is!

  3. This is amazing news! How come I can't find this version of the album without clicking on this link?

    All that shows on mine is the deluxe version where disc one doesn't have the bonus tracks but disc two has all the acoustics.

    I've been searching for this for so long!
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  4. I’m the same! Just realised you have to search for this song separately and not via the album. How weird! But, nonetheless, thank you for showing that it is available on this side of the pond!
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  5. Well...

    This is now on her official page. Still a bop but her career could have gone so wrong welp.

    Edit: oh they're re-uploading the missing videos and maybe upgrading some of the others

    I'm clearly a flop fan because I never thought of checking out Flawed before.
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  6. Flawed is also there too!!!!

    love how it’s all going up just as my new 4K smart tv arrived yesterday so have been making the most of YouTube on tv!
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  7. Just need I Don't Care on streaming and all will be well in the world!
    (I know it's not going to happen, but I can dream!)
  8. I wish she’d put the In This Life US version on her VEVO. I always preferred it to the original, looking sun kissed on the beach
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  9. I have just lolled at Delta asking “is that you?” to her boyfriend when putting up I Don’t Care music video on her insta stories - because when I watched it earlier I was thinking the same thing!

  10. She sounds incredible, as always.
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  11. Can someone explain the rationale for Delta regularly acknowledging I Don't Care, performing it on tour (!!!), posting the video on her Vevo, but not make it available to buy/stream?
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  12. I would have said it might be a record company thing, but then she’s always been with Sony right?
  13. And ‘Paralyzed’ now has a cute 70s-esque music video:

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  14. I love this so much! Love the little story telling and the love how between Delta and Kylie, you would think the 70s were back!
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  15. I LOVE this so much.
    And I'm very happy she's actually released a video for this one, its been a while.
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  16. It’s super cute. And she looks great.
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  17. I love this video! Has anyone heard the B-Side Back in 84? Curious to know what it sounds like.
  18. Don’t think anyone has it yet.
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  19. Seeing some of her b-sides appearing is a nice present. I love Waiting For Forever.
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  20. The CD single is due to be shipped around August 21, so a little longer to wait. I'm curious to see what it'll be like!
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