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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Is a list of B-sides anywhere? I want to check I'm not missing out....
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    Love (from 'Australian Music Week dated 4-10 October 1999' compilation)

    Here I Am (b-side to I Don’t Care)

    Hear Me Calling (b-side to Lost Without You)
    Lost For Words (b-side to Innocent Eyes)
    Right There Waiting (b-side to Not Me, Not I)
    Here I Am [Piano & Cello Version] (b-side to Predictable)
    Four Short Words (promotional download from the Pepsi website)

    Visualise (b-side to Out Of The Blue)
    Beautiful Madness (b-side to Out Of The Blue)
    How A Dream Looks (b-side to Mistaken Identity)
    Silence Be Heard (b-side to Mistaken Identity)
    Turn You Away (b-side to Almost Here)
    Hollow No More w/ Brian McFadden (b-side to Almost Here)
    If I Forget (b-side to A Little Too Late)
    The Riddle (b-side to A Little Too Late)
    Flawed (Mistaken Identity era outtake released on the Japanese 2006 release of Innocent Eyes)
    Never Fades Away (Mistaken Identity era outtake released on the Japanese 2006 release of Innocent Eyes)

    Right Here In My Heart (digital-only bonus track)
    Take Me Home (b-side to In This Life)
    Breathe In, Breathe Out (b-side to In This Life)
    Fever (b-side to Believe Again)
    Fortune And Love (b-side to Believe Again)
    Unsure (b-side to Believe Again)

    Alcohol (digital-only bonus track)
    No Communication (digital-only bonus track)
    Uncovered (b-side to Sitting On Top of The World)
    Waiting For Forever (b-side to Dancing With A Broken Heart)
    Rise (b-side to Wish You Were Here)
    Daughter (b-side to Wish You Were Here)

    Stay (b-side to Love… They Will Be Done)

    You & You Alone (b-side to The River)
    Morse Code (bonus track given with a ticket purchase for the Wings Of The Wild tour)

    I’ve excluded stand-alone singles, Christmas songs and such but I don’t mind listing them as well if you only wish.
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  3. You're an absolute hero! Thank you!
  4. This would be her second best album oop. (Removed the incredible digital bonus tracks because they just feel like they are on the albums they were tacked onto for me)
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  5. I will never get over Take Me Home not being included on DELTA when songs like... Woman & One Day were included...
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    I feel like they just had so much material recorded they did not know what to put on the album. I believe Delta once called it a 'playlist/collection of different songs'(?) dd. It says quite a lot about that album, doesn't it. But yes, Take Me Home should've made it regardless.
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  7. Where does 'Leave you with Love' come from? I have it saved in my 'B List' album....

    I recently heard the version of 'I'm Not Ready' with Michael Bolton. Which was an experience.
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  8. I think "Leave You With Love" is a leak from the Child of the Universe sessions, so it's not a B-side or has a home anywhere. She has a few of those too, like On My Own and that whole secret album between DELTA & Child of the Universe that had a few demo leaks in her fanbase.

    The version with Michael Bolton was on his album and was released before the solo version. I remember editing him out of it in 2011 when it came out originally.
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  9. No Communication is the worldwide hit that never was
  10. As are Morse Code and Take Me Home. The untapped hits Delta has just lying around.
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    Leave You With Love was written and recorded in 2008 at her house in Los Angeles with producer Toby Gad, as mentioned above it's an unreleased track from the album she was recording for after Delta. I don't really think those sessions had anything to do with what later became Child of the Universe, I have a theory it was for completely different project that was scrapped altogether for the reasons unknown to us. Kind of similar to the Think Of Me 'era' scenario when she wrote songs that never saw the light of day apart from that one.
    There are many songs which were recorded right after Delta, some obviously have been leaked by now. Most if not all of them were recorded in the United States where she was still living back then, with the help of writers and producers located in the country as well.
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  12. I truly have no regrets about meeting Delta in 2015 and using our 30 seconds together to lecture her on why Take Me Home should have been a single

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  13. She needed to hear it.

    I remember her being asked about it in a Q&A and she said it was left off the album because there needed to be a balance of uptempos and ballads. Now, even for Delta I'm sure the world wouldn't have ended if there wasn't an equal mixture of both, and even if that had to be the case, who exactly listened to utter garbage like One Day and decided that was a more worthy inclusion than Take Me Home?
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  14. One Day really is one of those songs that just screams "cute bonus". Take Me Home and Breathe In Breathe Out decimate it, and I truly prefer Fever, Fortune and Love and (a properly mastered) Unsure.
  15. Delta's B-sides have almost always been amongst her best songs, but the absolute gulf between some of the songs on Delta and its B-sides and bonus tracks was huge. The fact that it was her first era with digital-only tracks and that Right Here in My Heart and Fever were unavailable for so long was frustrating too. The absolute scrabbling that I did to get as many songs as I could was ultimately worth it though.

    I'm not really one for playing around with album tracklists all that much, but I must have done dozens of iterations of Delta every time I got a new bonus track to replace some of the album's weaker moments.

    Also, she really gave us blue balls by talking about You and You Alone nearly a decade before it actually came out.
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  16. My favourite! A Paul Barry/Mark Taylor midtempo bop.

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  17. Has everyone seen her recent video on Instagram about her losing the ability to control her speech in 2018 after an operation complication.
    Its heartbreaking. This woman has been through A LOT and is still so positive and a ray of light, it is inspirational!
  18. I wasn’t prepared for this. I’m in such awe of her strength and resilience and hope.
  19. Poor girl. Must be so rough not knowing if you'll ever be able to recover from something like that, especially since speaking & singing is her entire livelihood. Also the lyrics of Paralyzed make a lot more sense after seeing that. It's so literal, I thought it was all metaphorical, I have a new appreciation for it.
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  20. How awful for her - that must have been so rough, physically and emotionally. I'm so glad she's found a way to work through this in music. As a singer, Delta's voice has never sounded stronger than it has this year. You can hear how hard she has worked.

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