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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. That was a heartbreaking watch but as always Delta remains a force for positivity and I'm so glad she's in a much better place.

    The way the text lingers on the word "resilience" - do we think that could be the album title?
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  2. This was very hard for me to watch personally, not just because it’s delta and I love her, but also my dad had a stroke 9 years ago and he lost his speech for a period of time and although it has mostly come back, he can still struggle especially when he is tired.

    Delta really is an incredible person and to be able to have the determination over everything she has gone through is inspiring. I originally thought Paralyzed was related to her cancer and looking back after all these years.

    I love her and I feel a bit emotional now
  3. Wow, my love for Paralyzed has grown so much over the past few weeks but it hits even harder now knowing the story behind it. I’m so proud and emotional at how she overcame this and kept silent over it until now.

    Delta’s strength has always been incredible but, it’s true, you never know what people are dealing with. Sometimes our silence speaks louder than anything else.
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  4. What a fighter! Her strength and resilience through everything life has thrown her way is such an inspiration.
  5. I love her. She's honestly one of the most amazing and genuine people ever. She's stunning.
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  6. What a horrible time it must have been for Delta. But she continues to be so hopeful and strong, despite what has been thrown at her. This is why I love her so much.

    At first, I thought Paralyzed was talking about her cancer battle in the lyrics, especially the first verse. It now makes much more sense.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Her singing voice has definitely gotten a lot fuller and a little bit deeper. Both of her performances on The Voice are probably her among her best vocal performances to date.

    Never expected to see that video today, though. It's really inspiring to see how positive she is in the face of fear and recovery.
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  8. I can’t stop thinking about this. She’s such a bloody inspiration. Honestly, she deserves the world.

    There’s a still in the video that seems to show her vision board. One line reads: ‘to tour the world with a hit album’. She absolutely deserves this and more.
  9. Definitely glad I stuck with this instead of my original drunkenly fuelled sob story about how much I love her. Good job, drunk Blake.
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  10. Nice to see Back In 84 isn't exclusive to the physical editions of Paralyzed. It'll be available on streaming and download tomorrow.

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  11. She performed Back in 84 in the latest Bunker down sessions too! Such a feel good track. There's definitely a British pop/rock feel to this new record in the songs we've heard so far and I'm loving it
  12. Back in 84 is fun! Definitely getting a feel for this next album now!
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  13. Agreed! Nice to hear something different too.
    Roll on DG6.
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  14. Back in 84 is a great song! Love the direction she’s going in for this album!
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  15. I’m enjoying Back in 84. It feels a bit different for her, but she does it well.
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  16. Yesterday’s bunkerdown Girl Band session was a fun one

    - Don’t Let Go
    - No Scrubs
    - Eternal Flame
    - Sister
    - Spice Up Your Life
    - Never Ever / Black Coffee
    - Runaway
    - Shout Out To My Ex
    - Back In 84

    She didn’t seem to know the lyrics for a couple of tracks and did a cute shout out to Sarah Harding
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Would have been a kii if she did Whole Again.
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  18. People were commenting when she did Shout Out To My Ex, the comments would have gone into overdrive on that one
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  19. My signed Paralyzed singles finally arrived and having forced myself not to play ‘Back In 84’ too much until they did, damn, she really did that. It’s an incredible b-side.
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