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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. New song incoming

    Also, if you click on the link to presave it says “I've hidden clues within my songs on Spotify”
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  2. Yes! She did say in her recent meet and greet that her next single was more upbeat too.
    Very excited about this.
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  3. Aw yeah, I'm excited for this! She's really kept the music coming in recent months. Someone posted this as a response to her tweet, I guess it might be the artwork?

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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Isn't it possible this is actually an album with the clues being in previous songs?
  5. I don't think so, she's mentioned a few times that the album isn't coming (this) soon, however that could be to keep people off the scent.
    She has mentioned that a single is coming very soon (that was 2 weeks ago), so I expect this is that.
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  6. If that's the artwork, then I really wish I would've actually been able to work with her on graphic design. The covers, the merchandise, it's not the greatest.
  7. So the clues on Spotify look like lyrics:

    here’s some:

    “You push the limit of my heart”
    “It’s only now I see the pattern”
    “You pushed the limit of my love”
    “You can’t unkiss the damage you’ve done”
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  8. I don't imagine that photo above is the artwork. It looks like a Microsoft Paint creation to me.
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  9. I’m excited! I love that these songs have been released with some consistency - no huge gaps!

    but yes, that’s the artwork and... it’s not the best.
  10. The new teaser makes me think it’s going to break into Hot Stuff
  11. Here it is!

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  12. It's a great track. I think all her recent releases have been excellent - despite not straying too far from her tried-and-tested formula it still feels like new territory for Delta even if it isn't quite what "Think About You" might have promised for the next chapter of her career back in 2018.
  13. It’s great! I want an album full of this
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  14. Solid Gold is good, but in uptempo terms Back In 84 is much stronger and feels more Delta. The production is better than the songwriting on this one.
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  15. I love the verses but hate the chorus nn. Children choirs should be banned.
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  16. Wow! With all the little teases that Delta has features throughout the week, nothing was preparing me for hearing Solid Gold in its entirety.

    What an absolute joyous track to listen to; it’s utterly toe-tapping in every way. I actually has a smile as the lyrics played out in such a playful unexpected manner.

    When a previous member mentioned children’s choirs in the chorus, I was fearing the worst, yet they are used to such way that adds a brilliant touch, it makes the jump come alive in an fun way.

    Love the chorus and I love the way she sings Solid Gold only to raise the note and shift higher.

    Delta, you have done it again and the exciting for the new album, whenever that may be, is reaching fever point!
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  17. This album is going to be insane, I cannot wait.

    This track is perfect, the sassy lyrics, the chorus with that dramatic pause and the way she sings gold.
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  18. Such strong verses and then that chorus...nn. I hope it grows on me.
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  19. This is really fun. It’s light and frothy but still builds on the sound of the other releases this year.

    Definitely feels like it’s going to be her most cohesive album since Mistaken Identity.
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  20. This is excellent.

    I've loved everything she's released so far from this era. Wouldn't it be great if all these songs were collected together somewhere with another 10 or so songs. What do they call that again?
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