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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I, too, would love a project from Delta.

    Give us another Neighbours appearance, queen.
  2. Since the official artwork is... not too great, I made one using one of the photos Delta posted yesterday. Sharing for anyone who'd want it.

  3. This is so much better, thanks!
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  4. Do we know if more material was to come from that era?
  5. Love for Solid Gold!! Now dear Delta, hurry up with that new album!
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  6. In love with Solid Gold! It came on whilst having my new Spotify Release Radar on shuffle and I spent the entire song trying to put my finger on the voice without looking at my phone to check what was playing. I settled on Beth Ditto so this genuinely surprised me.
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  7. So it’s a big, big grower this. Hope it gets some decent radio play.
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  8. Oh wow, uh, I thought Solid Gold would be a lot better than it is....
  9. She looks incredible...
  10. I am actually in love with this song! And I’d think this would make a great feature video if she was actually singing along with the song and not just looking beautiful walking around like she does. She actually looks like she’s been dipped in gold.
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  11. Sorry if I’m being a bit dim but what’s going on with Solid Gold? What is “The Educaction” and what appear to be short videos for the song? Are we getting a full fledged music video soon? An album? What is she doing? Lol
    So many questions sorry
  12. They're just cute visuals.
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  13. Solid Gold is decent, but Paralyzed and Back in 84) remain the best of her random singles batch. I may like it more than Keep Climbing.
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  14. I don't think Back In '84 is a single.

    Paralysed and Solid Gold are the official singles run thus far.
  15. Solid Gold might be creeping up to replace Paralyzed as my favourite track of the era so far.
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  16. I thought Keep Climbing was the official kick start to this era?

    With all these one offs that artists do these days, I get so confused!
  17. Keep Climbing is surely an 'official single' - well if one of those really exists these days - she has named her tour after the song and she performed it on The Voice and then did Paralysed two weeks later. I think the only one that actually is a 'B Side' is '84 but it is confusing.
  18. I thought she put Back in '84 out as a standalone single on digital platforms, in addition to the CD single b-side?
  19. Solid Gold has turned out to quite possibly be my favourite song of the era, so far. It is insanely good.
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