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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I got to agree.

    Her vocals have always been impressive but there is something about her delivery this era in particular. Her voice is a bit deeper? Richer? Sounds amazing anyway. Especially on tracks like Solid Gold.
  2. Surely I can't be the only one hearing Fleetwood Mac in Solid Gold? The title too is very FM/Stevie. So that's probably why I love it so much! Consider me perched.
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  3. Yeah her voice is definitely deeper and richer than before - it’s stunning right now. I love that it’s gained a slight rasp.
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  4. She's performing on the Kelly Clarkson show next week (Wednesday), which is some unexpected promo!

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  5. It’s great promo. Exciting times!
  6. That’s so amazing!! Kelly and Delta is like a dream come true!! Omg!!!
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  7. Delta erratically getting these high-profile US promo slots every few years is greatly welcomed, if a bit bizarre.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    How the hell did she manage to swing this?

    Good for her!

    Now Kelly better sing a Delta song for karaoke. Wings would be kind of iconic.

  9. The Kelly Clarkson Show performance of Solid Gold.
  10. I’ve heard rumours that she is doing a Christmas album this year. I hope that isn’t the case.
  11. Where? I haven't read anything like that within the fanbase.
  12. Couldn't be happier to see her on US TV!
  13. If true, I would have thought we would be aware of this by now. I didn’t like the songs on that Christmas ep much, it was boring!
  14. Sorta friends with a fan here, he told me about Paralyzed and Solid Gold before they came out so guessing he has some inside source, but mentioned yesterday there is a Christmas album. Because I’ve not heard anything about it yet I also thought it was an odd rumour and unsure if there is any truth to it.

    Apparently the evidence was a screenshot of song titles/times with date of 27/09/20.
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  15. A Christmas album would be an odd choice given it seems she's about to launch a studio album, but a one-off single for the holidays might be nice. I guess only Santa knows at this point, and we'll just have to wait and see.
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  16. Wings is still fucking incredible and that is that on that.
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  17. Two "Solid Gold" remixes out tomorrow (midnight local).

    Quinn Remix

    Initial Talk Remix
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  18. I look forward to them, especially the Initial Talk one, their remix of Think About You was perfect!
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  19. The Quinn remix has actually made me like the song easily. Initial Talk is kinda ONJ to me.

    And the remixes cover is better than the single cover, oop.
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