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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. We love to see it! Any chance of a signed physical copy?
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  3. I love that we have TWO original Christmas songs.
    I would love a vinyl, but I can't see it happening (that being said the ONJ cover album was released on vinyl so there is a glimmer of hope).
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  4. That artwork is horrendous sksksksk Delta sis.
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  5. I also always seem to be stumbling over duets she's done - a (God awful) version of 'I'm Not Ready' with Michael Bolton, 'Let it Snow' with Human Nature, 'Vente Pa Ca' with Ricky Martin, and probably a few more floating about.
  6. Thank for telling me this, I had no idea it existed.
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  7. So excited at this Christmas album!! It sounds like she’s turned Rudolph the red nose reindeer into a rock n roll song and she’s covered Elie Goulding’s Amazon Christmas #1 classic River!
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  8. I love Delta and have all her other albums but this doesn’t interest me. I didn’t like the Christmas E.P. and although this includes 2 new tracks, it features many covers which have been recorded multiple times by other acts. I’m disappointed they didn’t choose less well known Christmas songs rather than the same typical ones that many other artists have covered.
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  9. What a nice, fun surprise. It's definitely recorded in the same world as her recent material in terms of sound and I love that. My only complaint so far is how often she licks her finger in that lyric video - I don't need to see that.
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  10. QVC Christmas immediately came to mind.
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I hope River is a Christmas edit of The River.

    That cover, though:
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  12. What a sweet surprise!
  13. Just listened - the two originals are by far the best, but everything else is nicely done and has a classic quality to it. I wish she was a bit more adventurous in the song choices, but I guess it'll get her some extra streams each season so job done. Her cover of River is beautiful.
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  14. Only listened to Only Santa Knows and I really enjoyed it!
    Looking forward to listening to the rest soon.
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  15. I really like Only Santa Knows (and is she intentionally hilarious in the lyrics video, constant finger lacking aside, or am I just stanning?)

    Also, her voice in Rockin Around The Christmas Tree is perfect!
  16. I’m so glad to get a proper Delta Christmas album after the weird (but enjoyable) Christmas EP. The production across the album is gorgeous and so it’s even more impressive that she and Matt produced pretty much the whole thing.
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  17. Odd that Happy Xmas (War Is Over) isn't on the album
  18. Surprised but this charted at #5 in the Aria Album charts. I thought it would be a lot lower if I'm honest.

    Also - lets all go make a GoodRum
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