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Delta Goodrem - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Nice gift for the fans that she released the clip after 4 years. Does it add anything to the song for me personally? Not really. I like to watch the solo shots and the parts with the dancers, but the storyline around it is mediocre. Delta jumping on a man during a date, I don't know... I would have preferred a clip like Louise's Stretch, for example. On the other hand: Delta has handled things a little differently for this clip than you would expect from her, so that makes her unique as far as this clip is concerned...
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  2. Did 'Dancing with a broken heart' get released on an UK release of one of her albums?
  3. Yes, on the Child of the Universe album.
    There is a single and album edit of the song, with enough notable changes in production to tell them apart too.
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  4. Thanks.
  5. Wow, I totally missed any/all buzz around this. Unreleased albums always fascinate me.
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  6. She’s opening for the Backstreet Boys on their U.S. tour. Tempted to grab tickets just to see Delta, since I don’t know when I’ll next get the opportunity since I’ve never been to Australia and (sadly) don’t have any immediate plans to. Has anyone else ever attended a show 100% only for the opening act?
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  7. I have a few times, and I’d be doing it again for Delta so I’ll have to hope she supports someone on tour here!
  8. If Delta also joins as a support act with the BSB in Europe, then I really must have a ticket for the concert in Amsterdam!
  9. I am so happy for her and her US fans (that manage to grab tickets), as both say above, I'd definitely be doing the same if she supports anyone here in the UK.
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  10. If they announce her for the U.K. dates too, I’ll be there regardless!
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  11. Might have to get tickets just to see Delta then.
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  12. Surely if she does come to the UK, she has a decent enough fanbase to do a couple of solo shows...
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  13. I'm really hoping she is announced for the UK dates. I'd definitely get tickets for anything to see her even if it is for half hour. I mean ideally she will do a show at say Shepherd's Bush as well as she will already have her band here but I'd be more than happy with just the support slot at this point.
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  14. I have! I went to see the PCD when a very-early-in-her-career Gaga was their support act. She was spectacular and much better than the dolls. I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity to see her in such a setting ever again. I was literally metres from her.
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  15. I got to meet her after her last show with BSB Saturday night in St Louis. It was honestly a dream come true. She was super nice and talked to us (me, my boyfriend, and my ex boyfriend) for a good 5 minutes. We got several pictures with her and she gave us multiple hugs. I introduced my boyfriend and my ex to her and said we’re all friends here. She laughed and said she’s friends with her exes too. It was a great night and I’m still on cloud 9!
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  16. Thats so lovely. Every time I see people sharing their experiences of meeting Delta, they always say how approachable and grounded she is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad word written about her, in that sense!
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  17. She does come across as an artist who sincerely adores her fans.
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  18. Delta is the one artist that I would love to meet. She appears to be the sincerest with her fans. I've seen many videos of fans saying that she remembers their names from years back.

    One day!
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  19. I met Delta at G-A-Y London a few years back and she stood and chatted with me and my friend for a good 5
    minutes and complemented the jacket I was wearing. She’s an angel.
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  20. Same, I was drunk as you like and definitely back hand compliment her, but she was so sweet and indulged me saying I didn’t like the first pictures (of me) and let me reshoot later. She of course looked stunning in all of them. A dream artist, so kind.
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