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Delta Goodrem - Only Santa Knows

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. I’m so glad to get a proper Delta Christmas album after the weird (but enjoyable) Christmas EP. The production across the album is gorgeous and so it’s even more impressive that she and Matt produced pretty much the whole thing.
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  2. Odd that Happy Xmas (War Is Over) isn't on the album
  3. Surprised but this charted at #5 in the Aria Album charts. I thought it would be a lot lower if I'm honest.

    Also - lets all go make a GoodRum
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ok sis, so you release an actual album now that Xmas album you plopped out did well on the charts!
  5. I just came to say the same, I'm really pleasantly surprised at the top 5 placement, considering no preorders and the surprise release and at a relatively competitive time.

    Does anyone know the sales?

    Bring on the actual album!

    Do we know if she is performing at the ARIAs, I assume it is a given as she's presenting.
    I would love her to do both Solid Gold and Only Santa Knows.
  6. I love how Delta is becoming Australia’s Kelly Clarkson. First The Voice, then presenting award shows, I’m now waiting for The Delta Goodrem Show.
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  8. See, she’s half way there
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  9. I’m also so pleasantly surprised with number 5, and hope it can grow a bit.

    After the poor chart performance of the singles this year, I’ve been worried. But number five for a Christmas album that was surprise released with no prom... pretty awesome.
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  10. I'm absolutely living for Delta's high-collared cowgirl look! She looks beautiful.
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  11. She is.
  12. Excellent news!
  13. So when I said Delta is becoming the new Kelly Clarkson....

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  14. Is Delta that well received though? Most things I see about her, mostly from general public are negative and borderline horrendous.
  15. Correct. Majority of the Australian general public do not like her at all.
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  16. I have no idea as I don’t live in Australia so don’t know the perception there, but I don’t think she gets the level of criticism she got when she first started The Voice. I think as she gets older she’ll get more and more adoration that Olivia gets
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  17. Why though? She's a sweetheart.
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  18. Having the likes of Morse Code, Waiting For Forever and Uncovered in HQ in my music library? Delta said "Don't worry 2020, I'll save you"
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I think it’s because people think she’s fake and overexposed.
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