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Delta Goodrem - Only Santa Knows

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. From what I can gather, a lot of Aussies weren't particularly fond of her on The Voice and that reputation seems to have steamrolled with general public / casual fans. Her music and voice remains great but there seems to be a disconnect with the Australian General Public.
  2. Cute clip of a video for Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree. Not sure if it'll be released in full at all, but she's asking fans to join in with the "ooh oohs" via Tik Tok.

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  3. Album down to number 11 in Australia.
    Considering it only sold 1600 to get to number 5, I believe, I dread to think what a number 11 album sells.
    Hopefully it will remain to chart over the coming weeks and doesn't drop.

    The vinyl is out on 11th, which may give it a slight boost that week.
  4. From memory Delta was popular during her first 3 albums. Since joining the voice, her popularity has plummeted and has received lots of criticism. I feel she has not come across well on the voice, and her image has been changed from girl next door to little miss ego. The Olivia thing also received harsh criticism.
  5. So, she’s officially off The Voice.

    A great chapter, but exciting to see her dive into new things.

    Hopefully the new production company will serve as a vehicle for her music.
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  6. Glad she accumulated nine years of coins, but can’t help but feel like this departure is about five years too late.

    Hopefully this will give her more time to focus on her music.
  7. It's cute that you think that she won't find something else to delay DG6 for another few years.
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  8. Give it two years, she’ll be back on The Voice and we’ll still be holding out for DG6.
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  9. Stay optimistic, kids. I’m hoping we get DG6 by March.
  10. She's had more side project albums then actual new albums in the last 10 years:

    Innocent Eyes - 10 year anniversary
    I Honestly Love You (the Olivia tribute album)
    Only Santa Knows (Christmas album)


    Child of the Universe
    Wings of the Wild

    (I mean to be fair, in total that was 5 albums in the last 10 years which is actually good going but yeah hurry up with DG6! Hopefully it will be out before the tour - which she did promise). Though doing the Christmas album has been an inspired move - the last few days the song Only Santa Knows has been nearing 40,000 streams a day thanks to being added to some good playlists and it's total streams on Spotify are 361,888 already surpassing Solid Gold on 328,369. (Both Keep Climbing and Parayised are around 1.5million).

    Interesting to hear what she'll be upto with the production company. I can not wait for her Christmas special. I really hope 2021 will be full of opportunities for her. Fingers crossed for a UK and Europe tour!
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  11. Gahh, selling my M&G ticket to the upcoming tour is harder than I thought.
  12. Update on Only Santa Knows spotify streams - up 56,000 streams from yesterday to 417,047. This could become one of Delta's biggest streaming hits.
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  13. Another massive update for Only Santa Knows - up to 473,843 on Spotify. Should be over 500K streams tomorrow!
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  14. Great to see some traction on streaming for her, I know its just the Christmas playlists but we love to see it!
    Also appreciating the updates! Hopefully it continues to increase each day until Christmas.
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  16. Good to see Only Santa Knows doing well. I enjoy the whole album. I didn’t realise Merry Christmas to You was an original song at first. It has that classic Christmas song sound to it.
  17. Any chance the Christmas special this Saturday might end up on YouTube or similar? I don’t live in Australia.
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  18. I really hope so.
    I love that she said she's singing with Kylie, I guess it'll be a virtual duet but that'll be pretty cool.
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  19. Ooh I didn't realise this was given it's own thread. Normally all Delta stuff is in one thread
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  20. Only Santa Knows has gained another 50,000 streams and stands at 650,622 on Spotify. Her monthly listeners are also up to 1,098,349 which is the highest I've seen it!

    She's been all over TV too -

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