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Delta Goodrem - Only Santa Knows

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. I don't think she's ever been over a million monthly listeners so it's the growth we love to see.
    It seems doing a Christmas track was actually a great idea, hopefully it translates to future streaming traction (breaks my heart seeing Solid Gold so low).

    Also really enjoyed your performance of Only Santa Knows on The Morning Show. Did she say she is performing a different Christmas track every day the following week on that show?
  2. Bought the signed vinyl to help her out. We need Queen Delta's 6th album.
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  3. Yeah I'm hoping it might bring in a few casual listeners to then seek out the rest of her discography. I'm almost certain that's what she has said. Surely they must be pre-recorded? She wouldn't be going there every day next week would she?
  4. I would imagine prerecorded surely!

    The album climbs this week, only 1 spot but will take that (to 12).
    I hope it reenters the top 10 next week after all the promo yesterday and the show tonight.
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  5. Delta is singing When You Wish Upon A Star with Kylie and the performance could be a music video!

    This needs to be a single!!!
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  7. So lovely to see Olivia looking well and singing again. As Delta said, she's a light for us all.

  8. I’m quite obsessed with her River cover. Any news on the music video I keep seeing on her Instagram?
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  9. I’m guessing it’ll come this week sometime

    full show:

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  10. Just under another 56,000 on Spotify to 706,236 and that's before the Christmas special would have made an impact for Only Santa Knows.

    I have to say this is the most promo I've seen her do in a long time!
  11. The special was quite nice for what it is! Here’s hoping for a studio version of When You Wish Upon A Star with Kylie next year on the inevitable re-release.
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  12. The Christmas special did the trick and Only Santa Knows increased it's total on Spotify to 778,540 an increase of over 72,000 - her highest ever increase for a song.

    Sadly it looks like they're taking all the links down for the videos.
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  13. Delta's Christmas album is such a joy!

    I absolutely love Only Santa Knows (song) and think it'll become one of my favorites for the holiday season. Its great to see it doing well on streaming.

    I only wish that the physical album was more readily available in the UK, and that I don't have to wait weeks for it to arrive here (it's most definitely arrive in about February)!
  14. I actually received my physical copy in the UK about a week and a half ago. It really didn't take long at all this time. I'm so pleased that Only Santa Knows is doing so well for her, it's so deserved.
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  15. Oh wow really?
    Mine was dispatched last week I think (from her official site). My Paralyzed singles took honestly probably about 3 months to get here! I did order another that was signed as always can fit a signed CD in!
    Hopefully 2021 is the time we can finally see Delta on tour in the UK too. It's long overdue.
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  16. Mine was apparently dispatched on 20th November and still hasn't arrived, which isn't filling me with hope.
    Loving that this is a streaming hit (for her), her monthly listeners are now above 1.1million on Spotify too, an all time high!
  17. Only Santa Knows has passed the 1million streams on Spotify! I think this might be her quickest song to do so!
  18. It's insane how big christmas music is. I would not have expected Delta's biggest 2020 hit to be Only Santa Knows.

    She didn't do half this promotion for her other singles :|
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  19. Up to number 2, would have been 1 then without Taylor’s surprise release.

    A shame it isn’t her fifth number 1 album, but still a massive achievement.
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