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Delta Goodrem - Only Santa Knows

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. I wonder what the sales were like, shame Taylor couldn't couldn't a week to release her album but still 2 is great!
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  2. I’d love to know the sales too. I wonder how many copies she missed out by.
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  3. Apparently Delta is really close to the #1 this week in Australia. I really hope she can clinch it.
  4. It's annoying that her two albums that missed the top spot (so far) were both blocked by Taylor Swift.
    (I am intentionally excluding the Olivia Newton John soundtrack from her albums.)
    Would be great for her to get the Christmas album number 1 though!
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  5. My copy still hasn’t arrived in the U.K.
  6. Same, and when I asked JB HiFi about it they simply refunded half my postage costs and said they sent it on 11th November.
    Wasn't really looking for a refund, more an update.
  7. My vinyl shipped yesterday so that'll definitely be a Christmas 2021 spin now. I'm so impressed by how they've handled this campaign. There seems to be a lot of Delta love at the moment and they'd be foolish to not follow this up quickly with the new album in Q1.
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  8. From what Delta has said the album is out before the tour so I’m guessing March? Gives 3 months to save up on the bundles knowing that she has now cottoned onto this. Between her, Kylie and Steps, I’m surprised I’m not bankcrupt
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  9. JB HiFi haven’t even replied to my email so I’ve sent another but still not had a reply. Mean while, the item still hasn’t turned up. Going to wait another week and will then contact my credit card company for a refund.
  10. I've used them so many times before but they do seem to be a little useless at the moment, I'm just guessing it's the fact all the Christmas mail is causing the delays?!
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  11. but is her tour still going on?
  12. Well I don’t want to jinx it for Australians, but they do seem to be handling this pandemic a lot better then Europe....
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  13. We are. But even I think the tour will be postponed. It doesn't seem likely for even us to have crowded arena shows in a few months time.
  14. Only Santa Knows has broken through the 2 million streams on Spotify. Sitting at 2,190,624. It was streamed 330,004 times on Christmas day with this as the breakdown:

    Aus Spotify Chart #61 150,523 streams
    NZ Spotify Chart #90 17,812 streams

    Delta's monthly listeners on Spotify has shot up to 1,873,957.

    The album lands at #3 on this week's ARIA Albums chart, slipping one place. From last weeks sales i think it's roughly sold around 15,000 copies in total in Australia.

    All in all, although I was dubious of Delta releasing a Christmas album. It's paid wonders for her in getting her listenership up on streaming. Hopefully even a fraction may have delved into her catalogue and hopefully this builds up ready for the next album.
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  15. Yeah it’s been an absolute triumph for her streaming numbers.

    Hopefully, and I feel like they’re ready for this, the album comes really quickly in 2021 to capitalise on it.

    Then she’ll be free to push a reissue of the Christmas album next year.
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