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Delta Goodrem - Only Santa Knows

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Adele's dreams of Australian #1 are over.
  2. I'm holding off preordering as last year I think they added the vinyls a few days later (if there even are vinyls this time around).

    Great idea to reissue, hopefully they push Only Santa Knows again, it did well on streaming last year (for her standards), as it was added to some Christmas playlists.
    I do wish one of the four new tracks was an original though.
  3. Yeah, my interest for this is hindered by the lack of original tracks and the persistently dodgy cover.

    A decent new cover and a new original track would have hyped this more for me.

    Hopefully it gets a decent push, though.

    separate note: so infuriating that the Arias continue to pay her dust. She deserves some recognition for her talent and drive.
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  4. Agreed! I was expecting a nomination in at least one category. Okay, so she's not selling in the bucket loads, but she's consistently hitting the top end of the charts (for a week or so), selling a pretty successful tour and has been in the industry for years.
    Not to mention she has a great relationship with the ARIAs (when it suits them).
  5. As if they were able to make the artwork worse! The logo from her mailing list, over the top of an unedited version of the photo being used would be nice.

    I'm not surprised to see the deluxe edition announced, it seems like a common path to take with recent Christmas albums and I don't blame the artist or label for doing so. It's easy streams! But, I'm not that interested in hearing it given there's no original track and the song choices are quite obvious.
  6. New video for Only Santa Knows.

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  7. The cover is overkill, and does she really have to be sitting at a piano....again?
  8. Does she know that not every song has to be so...shouty?
  9. New video premiering now:

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  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The answer is always yes.
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  11. I application the effort of premiering a video every week, I wish they used the budget to create one epic Only Santa Knows video.
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  12. The best cover on the album gets a video.

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  13. Cocktail making episode 4.

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  14. Mama what is this? At least the lyric video had a Christmassy visual theme.

    I actually quite like the new cover, but that logo has got to go. Benguiat is literally the second ugliest font in the world. #1 is Algerian.
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  15. The next music video

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  16. I'm looking forward to Christmas with Delta Goodrem on Saturday, I really enjoyed last year's actually. Hopefully this is chucked on YouTube as quickly as last time.
  17. I couldn’t get through last years… hope this one is a little better. The other artists involved aren’t as great this time around, although Natalie Imbruglia is cool.

  18. I thought it was a pretty good show, if you ignore the gift-giving segments. Her voice was on point and it was more visually interesting. Having a crowd definitely adds to the energy.

    Didn't care much for the guest performances, but the duets were fantastic.
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  19. The Little Drummer Boy

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