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Delta Goodrem - Wings Of The Wild

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The production on 'Dear Life' is quite nice but the song itself it quite rubbish. Delta should never be on autopilot.
  2. It's so good to have her back. I need Feline to be released as a single please.
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  3. 25 minutes for the UK!

    All this waiting for the album. I'm ready for Delta to be on the stereo for the summer!
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  4. What kind of John Lewis-ification of I Believe In A Thing Called Love?! I live.

  5. It's gonna have to be a damn masterpiece to earn that comparison, but you've got me hyped.

    Amazing by Foxes sounds exactly like Delta in places strangely.
  6. I'm heading home.

    Prepare my coffin.
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  8. This is amazing! Given the way it was announced and almost plonked out straight away with no fanfare at all, I was worried that it was going to be a disappointment, but I shouldn't have doubted her. It's great, absolutely packed with bops.

    Enough is easily my least favourite song here, so naturally it was the next single. I swear, if they do what they did with Child of the Universe and just abandon it as soon as the album is out then I'll be fuming.
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  9. Just Call is instantly one of her best album tracks ever. What an absolute monster.
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  10. DELTA's new album is charting in the UK.
    her first since 2004!
  11. This is exceptional! I mean I probably would have said that regardless of how it sounded, but seriously this is exceptional.
    Heavy is currently making all my hairs stand on end.
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  12. Its downloading.

    Obliterate me, holy queen.

    EDIT: The 1,2 punch of Feline and Wings..... FUCK. ME. UP.
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  13. Thoroughly pleased with this. 'Feline', 'Just Call' and 'Heavy' are the best of the tracks we haven't heard yet. 'Wings' remains iconic and free of all flaws.

    She's so damned dependable! Love her.
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  14. Wings remains the best single of 2015. Your other faves could never.
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  15. Well, it's been out 45 minutes and it's on iTunes at...32!!!

    Clearly still a demand for Delta (I know these are just the front-loaded preorders but still, a very good position to kick off at!)
    I've had to resort to Spotify. It's not downloaded my preorder yet...!
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  16. In The Name Of Love has just destroyed me. Send help.
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  17. Listening for the 3rd time, yep I'm obsessed now.
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  18. Hearing Only Human on the album has made me appreciate it even more than I already do. Amazing.
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  19. The River is everything and I'm not even a fan.
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  20. If we don't get I Believe In A Thing Called Love as this years soundtrack to the inevitable heart-melting John Lewis, I will be PRESSED.

    What a phenomenal album. Excuse me while I weep over this perfection.
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