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Delta Goodrem - Wings Of The Wild

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. My copy shipped from Australia already. I hope I don't have to wait too long.
    I love how obvious it is that the album was called Feline until the last minute when they changed it to remind everyone that Wings is on it.
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  2. True, but there's also something a bit weird about 'Feline' and women likening themselves to cats. See also Halle Berry in Catwoman.
  3. It's just about her Animal instinct and coming out stronger

    It's amazing
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  4. I'll do some fan art with Feline on instead of WOTW
  5. What? I wanted this to be called Feline, what the fuck happened? Really tempted to call it Feline in my library anyway.
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    'Just Call' is such a sweet track.
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  7. I'm loving this album on first listen. It's so "pop".
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  8. Just Call is incredible. Definitely needs to be a single, along with In the Name of Love, Feline, Hold On and The River. (Obviously I know we aren't getting all these, but let me dream).

    Dear Life was a weird choice of single. I genuinely love it, but it sounds like a good album track rather than standout single. Same with Enough. When they've got so many good single choices here, they've kind of messed it up.
  9. A Delta album campaign where they get the singles right? We haven't had that since 2003.
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  10. Oh, I know that too well. At this point I shouldn't be surprised, and somehow I still am.
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  11. I have come to the decision that 'Encore' is THE ONE.
  12. The River and Encore are THE bops on here. It's all good though.
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  13. I'm still processing. But it's such a revelation.

    I THINK 'Hold On' is my fave but who knows where my opinions will end.

    Definitely nothing worse than a 6, as already mentioned. Most are 8s and 9s, with a definite few 10s.
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  14. Do you agree now you've heard it?
  15. Delta was shaved bald from cancer. She wore a wig and dental retainer to an awards show. It's TRULY shocking how far she has come. She's literally one of the most beautiful people in the world and this album is brilliant and I'm enjoying it immensely. I don't know, I'm just feeling really positive right now
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  16. I just listened to this album expecting incredible bops based on reaction on here and found them to all a rather...meh.

    I didn't want an album of Heart Hypnotic style tracks Delta. I actually enjoyed you for your Sitting On Top/In This Life pop bops.
  17. This very middle of the road. Nothing really jumps out, it all kind of blurs into one samey song.
  18. I really like it.
    It's nice to have an album from her that isn't ballad-heavy and is actually mostly an upbeat/positive affair.
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  19. Wow at Morse Code.

    It's like a lost Diana Vickers track. Or maybe even Tegan and Sara.

    Didn't think we'd hear Delta like this.
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  20. This criticism feels even less valid when levelled at this album compared to the others. I am a huge Delta stan but her previous albums definitely have a samey quality compared to this one. Which is absolutely fine because Delta's melodies, lyricism and her incredible voice stop them being boring and each album is incredible anyway. But here, she's delivering bops, anthems as well as her trademark piano balladry.

    Heavy is the fucking one.
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