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Delta Goodrem - Wings Of The Wild

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. This album is cohesive not samey.

    She hasn't had an album this cohesive since Mistaken Identity.
  2. Anyone know where I can get me Morse Code?

    I have the album sitting and waiting on iTunes. Cannot wait to play it after the praise it's received in this thread!
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  3. Island

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    Where could I find 'Morse Code'?
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  4. You guys aren't missing much, it's very... DELTA album.
  5. Island

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    I really like it. It's cute. The soundscape is very updated Delta album. I like it a lot.
  6. I'm glad more people are starting to notice the brilliance of Encore. What a bop!
  7. Encore is the one that I keep singing, getting stuck in my head!
  8. Island

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    I'm so jealous of all the Australians that get to see her on tour.

    How is this doing on Australian iTunes?
  9. #2 behind blink-182.

    Dear Life at #31
    Enough at #54
    Wings at #64
    I Believe In A Thing Called Love at #121
    Only Human at #122
    Heavy at #144
    Encore at #190
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  10. The whole album is very dramatic and works with the title and cover art. Too early for me to give a definite opinion yet. I hope it does well for her.
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  11. Here's some art with FELINE

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  12. It's TOP 20 In the UK
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  13. I know it won't but I'd absolutely love it if it made the top 40 here.
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  14. Didn't Innocent Eyes go triple platinum over here in the UK?

    It's a pity she lost so many fans here with Mistaken Identity which for me is still her best record.
  15. I just started my first listen. Feline sounds like a breakthrough.
  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Brian McFadden ha impact
  17. I am extremely pleased and truly surprised. I had faith in Wings all along, but when it got followed up by Dear Life I felt like the album could be leaning a bit too much towards 'safe and cliche' territory. Instead, it is shockingly good. An exploration of an aspect of her sound she had never focused on before, a fitting "I will survive" theme running through the tracklist that matches the sonic direction perfectly and feels like a poignant statement about where she is with her career, and a focused attempt where the songs are not left to spiral out of control lyrically and melodically like pretty much everything on Child Of The Universe did.

    Encore and Hold On are so old-school pop, Heavy sounds like Innocent Eyes pt.2 especially during the second half, Enough is an obvious single even if probably not strong enough to be the one to coincide with/boost the album release (that should have probably been In The Name Of Love and the direct follow-up to Wings), Only Human sounds perfectly at home on here and feels much more important in this context. Even Dear Life sounds good here, even if it's clearly the weakest thing and not single-worthy at all. And everything else I didn't mention is amazing too.

    After the first listen, the album sounds too ballad heavy for its own good, or at least it feels very grating that it's too crowded with ballads during the second half. It could do with a couple more uptempos.
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  18. Delta is coming for that UK coin. I'm proud to say that I've brought it. Multiple times.
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  19. I played Feline at work earlier and one of the regulars commented on what a bop it was.

    I quickly pointed her in the direction of Delta's iTunes page.
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  20. two new ones.
    both using dear life logo

    COTU font

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