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Delta Goodrem - Wings Of The Wild

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. @BobbyWig it would be great if you could put your artwork in quotes so that they don't take up as much space, if you can! It's nice that you share in good quality, but it's a bit of a trouble when you're just skimming through posts/otherwise navigating the page.
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    'The River' is so so so so so amazing.
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  3. Just getting around to listening to this, Feline is making me pop my
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    I pop my feline my feline.
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  5. My definitive review:

    1. Feline - 8/10 - continues the trend since DELTA of an epic opener, but this one is darker and slightly more aggressive. I think it is one step away from absolutely exploding. I would love to hear some remixes. The middle-8 vocals are incredible.
    2. Wings - 10/10 - nothing to be said here. We all know it is the best song in anyone's discography.
    3. Dear Life - 6/10 - I do like it a lot. I do. It's warm, and lovely, and is like a nice hug. But it isn't a single and I don't think it really has a place on this album.
    4. Just Call - 8/10 - love the opening strings, love the production, love the lyrics.
    5. In The Name Of Love - 7/10 - another big bop. Chorus is one step away from being amazing.
    6. Enough - 7/10 - a grower. Love bits of Gizzle's verses. Love the chorus. Hate the production. It's very 2007 whereas the rest of the album is almost (almost!) contemporary, which is a miracle for our Delts.
    7. Heavy - 8/10 - a much needed ballad. That middle 8 is the stuff Delta dreams are made of. A real call back to Mistaken Identity as a song, but maturer. I could do with a little more vulnerability in her vocals
    8. Only Human - 9/10 - don't think I've ever experienced such a whiplash on my feelings about a song after hearing it in the context of an album. This works perfectly here, like the album is taking a deep breath. It's the closing of a door...
    9. The River - 8/10 - ...and this is the opening of a door. Murdelta arrives and she's having fun. It's Delta does Daddy Lessons so of course it's slightly less sophisticated but a whole lot more fun.
    10. I'm Not Giving Up - 9/10 - a change in the production style helps this one to shine. Great vocals and a melody that grows and grows.
    11. Encore - 7/10 - Delta does Kelly Clarkson. It's the only track on here that I don't feel has Delta as its core, but maybe that'll change. It reminds me of the DELTA album.
    12. Hold On - 11/10 - WHAT A SONG. What a song. This should have been the single. She should never have changed it last minute. It is absolutely brilliant. you can HEAR the effort that went in to crafting a Wings follow-up.
    13. I Believe... - 9/10 - this is magical. She has transformed the song to something that feels quintessentially her but also I hope this is our introduction to John Lewis Christmas Adverta.

    Final verdict: a solid 8/10. A great, great album that deserves some more hit singles. I think over time it'll fall to second or third place in my album rankings, but for now it is top, and I think it is incredible that someone who has been releasing for 13 years, someone who takes big breaks, someone who has struggled to achieve international recognition, is still evolving, releasing career-best music. She DESERVES some recognition for this, even if it is just as a bit of a PJ fave.
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  6. Another amazing effort from Delta - possibly my favorite album of 2016 so far. I find such comfort in hearing her voice soar.
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  7. I'm enjoying this! I always enjoy Delta's work though.

    And I don't hate Dear Life. Not one I would return to MUCH, but it sounds nice.
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  8. I cannot express how much I love this album. It's a work of art.

    I will of course be playing this all day at work if I'm given the chance.

    Dear Life has grown on me massively. It works in the context of the album much more than a follow up to the weave destroying anthem that is Wings (aka: the song that your faves could never).
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  9. Morse Code can now be found on YouTube for anyone that is yet to hear it
  10. Why have I only just realised Gizzle is a female mc!? Oops.
  11. I almost missed it the first time round but Feline is such a relentless banger. And more than that, a statement. I'm not sure anything else on the album quite lives up to it sonically.
  12. This album is going to get some heavy rotation over the next few weeks. Beyonce and Rihanna let me down with their latest attempts at "credible" music. I just want the damn jamz. Who would have thought Delta would provide that.....
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  13. Everything about this post is literal perfection.
  14. Highlights on first listen:

    Hold On
    The River
    I Believe In A Thing Called Love
    Just Call

    In that particular order. "Encore" and "Hold On" seemed like the best options for follow up singles.
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  15. “I was going to keep Only Human off (the record) ... that song just sounds ... broken.

    “But I put it in the middle, it’s the heart of the album and now it can connect with someone else going through that.

    “I’m proud to be fierce in this new chapter of my life.”
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  16. Island

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    Wait. Is this real?

    Also, Encore is such a moment.
  17. The last chorus of Heavy ruins the song for me. I don't know if the vocal effect was added on purpose but it really is robotic.
  18. Yes those quotes are real. They're from a new interview in the Australian media this weekend.

    The album is excellent. I am so surprised by the sound - it's a real departure from the more organic production of her previous albums, but the songwriting is still so heartfelt and earnest that you couldn't mistake it for anyone but Delta. It's strange being a fan of hers in Australia having seen the public turn against her over time. I have always found her absolutely delightful. When the 'Delta' album came out, I met her a number of times through a friend who works in the industry. It's about eight years since I last saw her, but I met her again on the 'Wings Of The Wild' release day and her first comment was 'it's been ages since I've seen you! You look well!' Delta's memory for people is quite extraordinary. I told her the album was 'poptastic' and she was interested in hearing whether or not the more pop-oriented direction is what people want. She seemed excited about having a more uptempo album to tour with, saying that the ballads will have more space to breathe in the set rather than having ballads and midtempo songs forming the majority of it.

    'Feline' is the standout and she said it was her favourite too. I agree with most of the thoughts in this thread - 'Hold On' feels like the genuine follow-up to 'Wings', but 'Just Call' is the one for me. I don't know how it would fare as a single but the jubilantly tribal sounds suit the aesthetic of the album pefectly; apparently it was only written and recorded a couple of weeks back. The dirty swamp-stomp of 'The River' feels fresh for Delta too. Despite the PR-ready tagline of being stronger and more 'fierce' on this album, it permeates every aspect of the record. To me, it seems a natural evolution from things like the 'Believe Again' performance at the AFIs way back in 2007 to the Mardi Gras medley and 'Heart Hypnotic'. It's interesting to note that the expedited release was entirely Delta's call too - one of her team mentioned on Friday that she made the decision and the wheels were set in motion for the release within 9 days.

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  19. Queen of taking control of her own destiny.

    I've hesitated over this for the last several days because I'm not one to compare my Aussie pop gerls but Feline strikes me as her "Confide In Me"- a departure from what she's done before, dramatic, darkly empowering and with some extraordinary vocals.
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  20. She is so empowered. Definitely Queen of Oz.

    She should get some real credit for her involvement in her music. She really is an artist and a crafter in the same vain as people like Gaga.
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