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Delta Goodrem - Wings Of The Wild

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. You can tell that she LIVES for her music and for that of music in general. It runs through her veins like blood. And she is incredibly humble, there is not an arrogant streak in her. She was genuinely touched by just how many people came to see her in London last October and she took time to talk to every one of us rabid stans who met her after the gig.

    There are other pop girls who could take a leaf out of her book. The meticulousness and precise tone to her work and her devotion to her fans should be an example to everyone.
  2. What a stunning, stunning album. Delta has done it again and blown me away. Only Human really does come alive in the middle of this album. Heavy actually made me cry the other day, it just hit me so hard and then that middle eight elevates it to a whole other level. I can't stop listening to this pop perfection.

    I so want her to do a UK date later this year, we have waited patiently for a proper show for years.

    I love the idea that she shocked people by just sticking out the album and not just the single. It definitely surprised me, but it was absolutely the right move for her.
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  3. What a surprise that the PopJustice main page has completely passed this by.
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  4. Yeah. No surprise there. If we can keep this thread alive maybe some non Delta fans on the forum will check it out. Maybe.
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  5. She just performed Enough on X-factor Australia, very anthemic and some Eurovision-inspired visuals.
  6. Why can't I find the link anywhere? Damn, I'm stupidly impatient.
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  7. She slayed Enough on The Voice Australia. I actually love Gizzle's verses as well.
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  8. This is me as well. Delta posted a short clip on her Instagram but I need to see more.
  9. I have a feeling I'll change my favourite but at the moment The River is my favourite.
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  10. She has grown so much as a performer. I do really like Enough, but after hearing the album it seems an even more bizarre single choice.
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  11. Island

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    I love this thread and Delta so much.
  12. Morse Code is great. Love IT
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  13. Heavy is the best ballad on the album!

    Was only human a single? I remember reading it was just promo for Neighbours?

    How comes the AU public started to dislike her? What's to dislike?

    She's so talented! So so talented!

    This album is just staying I Love the River, single worthy! So is just call, and encore seems to be everyone's favourite!

    Do you think we'll get some tour put if her here in the UK? Sadly I don't think she'd sell big Arena's but there's loads of places and small Arena's / theatre stages around that I'd love to see her at!
  14. I agree, it's a little Gem!

    I wonder how many songs she's recorded for the album?!
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    It seems that 'Just Call' was the last song recorded for the album.
  16. I'd love to know the story for this album. I mean the randomness of Love Thy Will Be Done is astonishing and was Heart Hypnotic ever considered to be on it as well?!

    I'm intrigued about the Australian backlash to her. I didn't know that had happened.
  17. 'Only Human' just comes alive in the context of an album. It's so broken and desolate, the middle eight is perfection.

    It was really done a disservice by just being chucked out as a promotional single, with no real context.
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  18. Totally agree. I've gone from being livid that it is on the album in the space of a new song, to seeing it as the absolutely vital, beating heart of the album.

    Can't stop playing this album today. The sequencing is incredible. And I love how many connections there are between songs - the lyrics all tie together wonderfully.
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  19. It's all so big. Big choruses, big vocals. It's fabulous. I'm enjoying it more every time I listen to it.
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