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Delta Goodrem - Wings Of The Wild

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by BEST FICTION, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. I've listened to this a lot since Thursday evening and I am just not feeling it like I'd like to, or like a lot of you are.

    I love Just Call. Love it. But that to me, is the best thing on here (minus Wings, of course).

    It just feels like too much of a departure to me. I think it has a little too much production, and whilst some are getting their absolute life to that (dem bops), it just isn't clicking for me.

    I think the ballads on here are also really weak, which is a huge surprise for a Delta Goodrem album. I can't listen to Heavy, I hate that middle 8 and final chorus.

    Encore is totally horrible and sounds like a Jessie J record - not a good thing for me at all.

    It's sad that I find the Darkness cover to be the most beautiful thing on here, where as Delta normally has so many moments like that with her albums.

    Colour me disappointed.
  2. I agree that there are stronger single choices on the album, but I imagine the single release was lined up some time before the album. The performance on The Voice really sold the song to me though - excellent visuals and lots of surprises in the staging (the reveal of all the extras in white at the end!) Delta let loose with the live vocals too. The intensity of her performance towards the end as well as the lyrics reminded me a little of Christina's 'Fighter'.

    There are a few songs on the album that seem to be levelled at her detractors ('Enough', 'Heavy', 'Only Human', 'I'm Not Giving Up'). They all feel much more raw than her last effort to address the same topic - 'Knocked Out' sounds positively peppy in comparison.

    Here are some articles about the (unfair) Australian backlash over the past few years.

    Marlon Wayans sparked a wave of Delta Goodrem bashing. But why?
    Goodrem hits back at critics over The Voice
    Why all the hate for Delta Goodrem?
    Why has hating Delta Goodrem become a national pastime?

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  3. I think the album's very good, but it's my least favorite of hers so far, but her other albums set the bar so high, so that's kind of expected. "The River" and "Hold On" are amazing.
  4. Thanks for the links.

    I ain't knew delta too long, but she's incredibly talented, beautiful, strong woman.

    I think that's amazing, she seems to be nice and down to earth, she loves music, she has time for her fans, she's just beautiful inside and out.

    That's MY opinion though, others will probably think differently
  5. She shouldn't have performed Enough on her only big promo platform of release week. It's a turd. Feline, Just Call or Encore would've sold the album so much better.
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  6. In my dreams, she'd release a solo version of "Enough" on a CD single of it.
  7. I think she done it amazing

    The Today Show performance is now online too

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  8. That was a great performance. I do think it's one of the weaker tracks on the album but I feel like they've gone with it because it'll probably be a bit of a surprise for people.
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  9. Not sure I understand the flack Enough is getting. For me it is one of the strongest tracks on the album
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  10. It's not my favourite.

    I wish these promo spots were going to Hold On (to your weaves as this is song of the century).
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  11. Granted the singles for the campaign are slightly questionable. Personal I feel a strong singles run woul have been :-

    Only Human

    1. Wings
    2. The River
    --- album release 3 weeks after The River released but 3 weeks before Dear Life. Album retitled either Feline, Natural Instinct or Force Of Nature seeing as animals and nature seem to be a theme for the album ---
    3. Dear Life
    4. Feline
    5. Enough

    Hoping that the rumours of a second album in October are true if only to see if the missing tracks get a release.

    On a side note do we have a list of the leaked tracks and which era they come from?
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  12. I like Enough but I'd prefer if it had some Delta verses and just had 1 rap verse towards the end. It's too Gizzle-heavy. And what a terrible name Gizzle is.
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  13. Where does Morse Code come from - is it an iTunes exclusive or a Japanese bonus track?
  14. Dear Life. today Extra

  15. Pre-sale Tour track.
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  16. I don't even know where to begin with these.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Her backlash is so weird.
  18. I haven't even bothered to educate myself on her backlash because it will inevitably boil to "media tries to drag down successful female celebrity for doing so well".
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  19. Australians always turn on their own when they reach a certain level of success.

    It's weird how she's become such a master at uptempos since Delta but the ballads aren't anything special. Total reversal of what she's known for. I don't care for any of the ballady moments on here to be honest but the uptempos are all absolute bangers with properly great melodies.
  20. So this is seriously, seriously good, one of my favourite albums this year so far. I actually think 'Hold On' might be my favourite at the moment, I haven't seen much praise for it.

    Her vocals are unreal (that second chorus of Enough) but what's so gratifying about being a Delta fan is you know she can back it up live
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