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Really don't know how many Delta Goodrem fans we have here but hey I love her and just seen her new Japanese only video for Flawed [the song is being used in some soundtrack over there and being her debut single from Innocent Eyes the hybrid album].
Anyway heres the link to the video...
I love this single! She really has a striking voice and is extremely talented! Hope this single is released in the UK as well!
I love Delta. Innocent Eyes is my favourite album of 2003, as I wrote in the top ten albums of the past decade thread (

This video is so Delta-ramatic, especially with the head clutching in the church. It upsets me that the Mistaken Identity album didn't do better. I definitely think she released the weakest songs off the album. I would have died to have seen a Delta-ramatic video for Electric Storm. It would have been amazing.

I think I'd like to have the hybrid album - I'm always mixing them up on iTunes.
Glad there's some Delta-loving.
And I definately agree about the wrong songs from Mistaken Identity being released; would have loved Electric Storm and Last Night On Earth to have some crazy videos.
This song was a Mistaken Identity reject; makes you wonder why it was left off the album really.
I agree as well about the MI songs. I love OOTB and AH but Electric Storm and Last Night On Earth would have easitly been top 5. Its a shame the UK didn't get more singles as she released A Little Too Late, Mistaken Identity and a download single of Be Strong in Aus all of which are better songs then the two released in UK.

I know why OOTB was the first release 'A new beginning, a new chapter of my life' - and believe me I do love it but Electric Storm would have been such a strong opening single for a new album! Oh well.

I hope the 3rd album is just as amazing as her previous releases cos she could really be such a successful international female artist!
Love Delta, my fav singer of all time but not really feeling this song...i mean dont get me wrong its good, but shes had better, can see y it was left off MI now, the video however is just a bit...meh, i mean wats wiht the cartoon rabbit thing
Don't forget this song is not being released here. It's being released in Japan and so Delta has to appeal to another culture
I really love Delta. I think she's an amazingly talented young lady and we will see great things from her in the future. I don't think she's going anywhere...

MI was sad as far as success. I thought the single, Mistaken Identity was a great song and I still don't understand why it didn't do well. Out of The Blue was a nice song but I don't see why she released Almost Here..though little I know I suppose because it did make #1. Electric Storm should have been a's a shame it wasn't. The Analyst is a great song to.

It's a good album. Both are good albums. I can't wait to see what she does next.

I just remembered the actual point of this thread is "Flawed." It's classic Delta Goodrem. Great vocals...I love it actually. The video is charming as well. It all fits her so well.
Not bad. I absolutely LOVED Mistaken Identity, especially 'Last Night on Earth'. I do however think she released some of the better songs off of the album (Out of the Blue, Mistaken Identity, and Almost Here are all wonderful), so I suppose the fact that the album underperformed is that people simply aren't all that interested in Delta. Maybe she'll surprise us and come back with a stormer.
This song is only average, nothing special, but it's still nice to hear some new material as I fucking love her. I just fail to see why they chose this as the lead single when it's slightly rockier than her usual sound (the tracks on the album).

I'm still disgusted at how Sony ballsed up the releases off Mistaken Identity after getting it so right for Innocent Eyes.

Pink Champagne

I dont know how someone who produced such a fantastic album of simple but effective and emotional ballads can then come out with such bland songs. I want to like Delta's new material but it just doesnt stick
I don't get how the song is bland. If anything i think it has more colour then some of her early work.

I think this is the bridge song between IE and MI, so I feel its stuck in the middle which makes it perfect for this release in Japan.

I don't think it'll be on the 3rd album though
Delta Goodrem and Lucie Silvas have both been tweeting that their working together in Nashvile at the moment - and seems like they've become really good friends.

At the moment, it seems to be writing sessions - but i really hope a duet is around the corner!
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When I heard this news I did a little pee.

Can't wait for new stuff from both of them.  I hope Lucie just carries on being amazing and I hope that Delta has a little return to form (I loved her last album but it just wasn't as crazybrilliant as it should have been.)

This news suggests Delta may be returning to a more acoustic sound which is fantastic... although I also hope she pushes forward more into dance and electropop (Take Me Home, BIBO and Believe Again style).

Kirkland said:
Insomnia sufferers worldwide rejoice! The cure is near and two times stronger.

I shouldn't laugh but I do. I love Delta, :( !