Delta Goodrem

I was so pleased that we were able to get our meet and greet tickets today as I foolishly left the London show and just went home completely unaware that Delta would do that. I feel like we are still living in some fever dream as even though she said in October she was coming back very soon it just feels like such a dream for it to be happening so soon and on a much larger scale.
I wish the Dublin presale did the meet & greet package as I'd have gone there rather than Glasgow, but was too stressed that I might miss out on both that I just went Glasgow (I'm away for the England dates).

That being said, I am so excited!
For so many years, I always said to my family that if Delta was ever to finally do a UK tour, I would be at as many dates as I possibly could. I was always under some illusion that this day would never really come. Yet here we are!
I had my sights set on at least three of the UK dates (London, Birmingham and Manchester), with the hopes of getting Meet and Greet for all three. After sailing through for London and Birmingham, had to persevere with Manchester for a little while, but we got there!

So, it literally feels like I'm going on tour with Delta in London, Birmingham and Manchester all booked and all Meet and Greet for each date! I'm honestly so tempted by another date, perhaps Dublin or Paris. I have zero experience of going overseas for gigs but why not try now?!

Happy to see everyone else manage to get tickets too. These shows are sure going to be special, after waiting 20 years for a full-blown tour!
I've been relistening to her records and my god the chills I got when Be Strong came on off Mistaken Identity. I used to have that on repeat back in the day it really helped me through some hard times.

Edit : does anyone know about the Artist Presale which is happening today on Irish Ticketmaster ? I've signed up to the newsletter but nothing.. ?
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