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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mattieh, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. I really hope that her team sees this and shows there is a demand for her music and touring here in the UK, and also other territories too. I had no doubt that the show would be successful and sell out. She could easily have done a much bigger venue in London!

    I logged into out of interest to see how quick they went, and it wasn't even 10:01 when they said Tickets Not Available.
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  2. Come on Delta, add a second date please!
  3. We still don’t have confirmation of why she’s coming over do we? It was speculated she was opening for Robbie but hopefully she can do some more.
  4. Missed out…not surprised but sad
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  5. I take it back…I take it back!!!

    Just did exactly what @Smooth Criminal suggested and kept refreshing the page hoping somebody would release from their basket and I managed to bag myself 2 tickets!!!!

    Honestly, patience paid off big time!!!
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  6. So grateful I got tickets, as @TeamSats2012 says I hope her team see this as there is demand and either add a few dates or at least push her here more in the future!
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  7. If I were Delta... I would feel pretty overwhelmed. It must be mind-blowing that she would sell out in less than a minute without having really had a presence here for 16 years. It must also be tinged with sadness, because it's pretty apparent that she abandoned the UK market after the media storm with Brian (I'm pretty sure Dear Elton kind of addresses this on her last album). It shows how much love there is still here for her and probably brings a realisation of how many opportunities she has foregone because of her own self-doubt.
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  8. Completely agree with this! Well said.
  9. Insane. I’m blown away.
  10. I don't think we have to count on a second concert as the Lafayette agenda is completely full with other performances. Or she must have a different location in mind... I'm from Amsterdam and it would really be a dream for me to see her perform live. I'm really a bit knocked down now, just like many others here
  11. It's a shame since her music probably would have done reasonably well in Europe at least up to the early 2010s, with the proper push. Even if she won't sell out arenas like in Australia, I hope she has the guts to try at least a small-scale European tour at some point.
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  12. Well I really was one of the lucky ones and did manage to be successful at 10am bang on this morning but I feel so badly for everyone who missed out. I mean the only consolation we can possibly find is that hopefully the extreme love and reaction to this show only shows how much people want her to play live so hopefully it won't be long before the next one.
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  13. Omeara seems to be available on 13th, so is The Garage.... come on Delta, you know we deserve it!
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  14. I was surprised how quickly they went though I had no doubt it would sell out. Livenation wouldn’t even show me the tickets until 10.01 and then they were gone? Luckily my friend got through on See, so I’ll see you there!
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  15. Can't we as fans set up a campaign and stalk the management with emails? Every little bit helps haha!
  16. I went to see AJR the other day, and I did wonder how they gauge if they can tour. They're big in the US, but they've never had a hit of any variety in the UK. I guess they can look at streaming data, and they'll be able to tell where you are streaming from.

    But surely if people like AJR and Aly&AJ can do proper tours of the UK, Delta could do one
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  17. So she was recording at Abbey Road today? I wonder what she’s up to…

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  18. An educated guess would be Innocent Eyes Live at Abbey Road for its 20th anniversary.
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  19. After the 10 year anniversary edition of Innocent Eyes... I'd rather she left it alone dd.
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