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Demi Lovato - Anyone + 7th Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. Demi has 2 nominations to her name. She is a non-factor in the Grammys world.

    Now the iHeartRadio Awards or Billboard Awards? Would be a perfect fit.
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  2. I think you're on to something.
  3. A threat.
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  4. Total non-factor at the Grammy Awards!
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  5. The power of having Scooter as your manager I guess
  6. Welp.
  7. This is the same Scooter who gets Tori Kelly on just about every stage to ever exist, his skills should never be doubted.

    I think the Ariana situation was a very specific case of a misogynistic Grammy producer being stubborn.
    And the fallout from that situation probably gave Scooter more leverage this year (a 'Ariana will perform if Demi can debut her lead' type situation).
  8. This has the potential to be a #moment but she remains absolutely awful so I guess we’ll just have to deal.

    Can Gaga and Rihanna PLEASE save us from the b-tier girls? How profitable can Avon be? probably more than they’ve ever made from their songs but
  9. Definitely this.
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  10. We love a good bathroom break!
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  11. I am cautiously perched.
  12. Can't wait for her performance!
    I never doubted her ability to nab this performance for a second.
  13. Ddd can't wait for this to be a total clusterfuck.
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  14. If the comeback song is as good as Sorry Not Sorry, Cool For The Summer or Solo then I’m here for it.
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  15. Font placement is tragic.
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  16. My body is ready for stone cold part 2 but my mind and ears are not
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  17. Well, this aged like milk.
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  18. Isn’t Fenty Beauty worth billions ddd. Haus Labs is probably worth dozens of dollars, so.
  19. Just because she’s performing at the Grammys doesn’t automatically make her important in the Grammys eyes. It’s down to her manager pulling strings to get her a slot

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