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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

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  2. I’ll take six Daddy Issues and six Sexy Dirty Loves, thanks.
  3. I'll take a Ruin the Friendship and delete the rest.
  4. Here’s hoping she continues building on the progress made with Tell Me You Love Me.
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  5. I'm kind of mad that they let Tell Me You Love Me die like that but I definitely don't mind new Demi material.
  6. How is she on her 7th album? I legitimately only know three of her songs.
  7. Keep it.
  8. I need stone cold or fix a heart songs from her
  9. Tell Me You Love Me doesn’t feel over yet, in the sense that she could easily milk another single out of it. So I’m surprised she’s that far into the process of her next album.
  10. I think it's a good idea to get another album out as quickly as possible and build on the success of her last album, but it's a shame they didn't even try with another single from it.
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  11. She’s still (partially) on Hollywood Records, isn’t she? That label can’t produce a full singles run / good album campaign to save its life.
  12. Is she not more on the Island / Safehouse side now though?

    How does someone be signed to 3 labels at the same time anyway?

    Her deal is so confusing.
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  13. How can they end the campaign without promoting Daddy Issues? Is Demi a Trump supporter now? Because this is clearly homophobia.
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  14. She apparently left Island and has a new manager.
  15. She can't release her 7th album until Selena gets her 6th out. I need them to stay on the same cycles as eternal competition.

    Demi -- slow down the song.
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  16. dd queen.
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  17. I'm not invested enough in Demi's career to really care that she's paying this album dust and moving on, but I do think Daddy Issues could have been a solid hit for her. If only 2 songs could be singles and it were between that and the title track then I wouldn't have released the title track.
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  18. Daddy Issues is an abomination and not a good song. It is ridiculous.
    I liked Father from Confident as it was powerful and emotive, Daddy Issues is just ridiculous and who is going to sing along at a concert singing about daddy issues?

    I want an album more like Demi or Confident than Tell Me You Love Me as there was a decline in quality with the last release and there were fewer memorable quality tracks.
  19. Seems like you're not familiar with American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey.
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