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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. I'm praying for the Big Mouse/ Nick-dissing track to be part of that endless tracklist. Demi please, release the beast. PLEASE

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  2. She obviously has every right to sing about her personal experiences and struggles but outside of a few notable exceptions (like Sober) she lacks the ability to write about such serious subjects with any sort of nuance or subtlety which makes it all feel so heavy-handed and takes away from the emotional impact.

    Like...the subject matter in Anyone is theoretically powerful but the end result is a terrible song because she just doesn’t know how to present it and I’ll be surprised if the rest of the album is any different.
  3. I'm not sure her vocals have anything to do with her haircut.
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  4. Other confirmed titles apparently:
    - Sunset
    - Say A Prayer
    - I.C.U
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  5. New details from the documentary here. Full disclosure, the article includes details on some very heavy topics.

    I just...feel for her. I really do hope that she is surrounded by people with her best interest at heart, because some of the things she says could definitely raise eyebrows.
  7. Echoing what @popzone said, I truly hope she’s surrounded by good people who have her best interests at heart.

    She truly has been through hell and I hope this time is a big turning point for her.
  8. Re: the album title and cover, she's so bad at self-editing.
  9. As someone who overcame alcoholism last year, I don't understand why she would still be drinking but receiving shots of a chemical to curb cravings. That is so counterintuitive. I went back to drinking responsibly because I knew I could handle it without overdoing it after separating myself from it for a few months (and I still have my slip ups), but I don't understand her one foot in, one foot out approach.

    Especially when she... almost died and was doing a raft of hard drugs. She needs to stay away from anything in my opinion.
  10. There's a lot I could say....I hate feeling icky about how this is being teased, milked and promoted, and knowing that the people she trusts in her life are attached to it. I truly do hope she has people in her life that care about her wellbeing and will help her be as healthy and strong as she can be.
  11. Ugh the ways she just serves in this video. Less is truly more with her and I wish she realized that more often.
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  12. Part of me wants to believe she wanted to disclose all of this really dark stuff because she wants people to learn from her experience and so there's nothing left to reveal, but another part feels like her trauma is being exploited by a team of people for the sake of promoting something.

    As someone who is dating a recovering alcoholic and is friends with several recovering addicts, it's one of the most difficult things I've helped someone through in my life (it actually broke one of my friendships apart permanently but I had to do what was best for them) and she might be taking the worst possible approach to her sobriety? It's almost textbook addict behavior from people early-ish in the recovery process that think they can have a drink here or there, you can use here or there, and you just end up backsliding entirely.

    I think a lot of people will have to answer for it if something happens to her again for allowing her to do it. The entire thing is really icky
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  13. This just feels exhausting for everyone involved. I can't help but feel for her and wish her the very best as she clearly seems to be going through loops of weird situations. I'll check out the album when it's out, she did sound nice on It's OK Not to Be OK and some tracks on Tell Me You Love Me.
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  14. Was the story from USA Today posted? To Scooter's concern she is still drinking and smoking weed, she was raped and the story of he overdose is way harder as I knew so far.
  15. It's not for any of us to judge her choice to drink in moderation or smoke weed. Weed is not necessarily a gateway drug and another user in this thread posted that they chose to keep drinking on a managed level after having problems with alcohol in the past.

    I really find it uncomfortable to see things like "she might be taking the worst possible route to sobriety" written here. This is not shade at you @drewsky, I understand where you're coming from. And I know the doc is inviting discussion on these topics. But can we just stick to what's actually safe to pass judgement on because we know the full story, ie. the music and her terrible hair?
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  16. I feel like she could actually be a good artist if she knew how to bring her ideas, feelings and experiences to life in a well-crafted, meaningful way, but she just doesn’t.

    It’s of a shame because if she was gonna go for this more personal vibe, she could have used ‘Sober’ as a blueprint, the song that is probably her career highlight and best encapsulates her experience well. It’s a lovely song, perfect lyrics, nice soft vocals, with a beautiful single cover. One of the only times she’s fully ‘got it right’ kind of thing, I feel.

    Everything with this album is just a massive, overthought headache that misses the mark completely and it hasn’t even been released yet - it’s cliched to a T and misses exactly what she’s trying to say and do. Everything is just way too much to the point where it becomes shit, but that’s kind of Demi summed up as an artist really. She really just doesn’t know who she is as an artist, or how to utilize her talent, most of the time, and just lacks this certain self-awareness that really good artists have. It really is a shame, because she could be great.
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  17. The USA Today article is a very difficult read. I always get the impression that even if she's surrounded by family, "friends" and people from the industry, she's always been left completely alone to deal with her trauma. I still cringe at the trailer for her documentary because of those idiots just... laughing on camera while talking about her situation.
  18. I have been "Cali sober" for just over 10 months now and I have no doubt that without weed I would have relapsed into using the substances that I no longer use, which were far more harmful to me and were killing me.

    Some people around me just don't get it but I have had to tell them that it's working for me at the moment and I'm still alive and healthier than I have been in years.

    Would I like to be 100% sober? Yes of course, but right now the choice between smoking a joint in the evening or drinking 2 bottles of wine and snorting a gram of coke every day is an easy one for me, so I kind of get where she is coming from. I just wish her the best, as Im sure we all do!
  19. Well those were two heavy articles to wake up too. I really do feel for her but I would be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat concerned. I grew up around alcholic grandparents and watched what it did to them. I've had my own brushes with alcoholism that left me boderline suicidal and almost caused me to loose my place at university. That being said I still drink alcohol and smoke weed so I can't really say anything. I can't help but really root for her. I just know she has an incredible album in her. Also it was interesting to read she was diagnosed with ADHD, when you have this condition you are constantly overwhelmed with the world and dealing with a lot of rushes of emotion that you aren't necessarily in control of, so it's very easy to reach for a substantance to help manage this, and I do know people who successfully self medicate this condition using weed (lowkey including myself). I just hope she's taking care of herself.
  20. That article was really painful to read in so many ways. It must be so hard for those who actually care for Demi to know how to help, or I guess even for herself. it kind of seems she plays games of "control" with herself that in the past ultimately she has ended up losing every time, like her justifying using again after returning home from hospital as her regaining control of the situation / her abuser.

    I was planning on watching the documentary, but I think I'll wait to see more GP reviews of it before deciding.
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