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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. "I don't care if you’ve got a dick
    I don't care if you got a WAP
    I-I just wanna to love
    You know what I'm saying?
    Like I just wanna fucking share my life with someone at some point
    Right now I'm good though, I don't need anybody, I'm good"

  2. The opening verse of Lonely People really reminds me of a song, and I can't think what.
    My music taste is not that varied so it's likely to be a PJ fave, if anyone can figure out what it is!
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  3. The guitars and overall ~breeziness of The Kind Of Lover I Am weirdly makes me think of this No Doubt remix

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  4. Met Him Last Night sounds like a Dangerous Woman reject that Ariana kept off the album for being too basic.
  5. The album is much better than the singles leading up to it would've ever suggested. That said I would've chopped everything before The Art of Starting Over and kept all these breezy California dream pop/soft rock moments as the focus of the entire project. Songs like The Kind of Lover I Am, The Way You Don't Look At Me, California Sober, the Art of Starting Over, and Easy really play to her strengths as a vocalist in a way that we rarely get to hear, and it wasn't a lane I even knew I wanted her to go down and I'm glad she did.
  6. There are major issues around quality control or perhaps even realising what the vision of the album is. I'm enjoying the surprising early 2000s singer-songwritery, The O.C./The Hills soundtrack vibes. There are some real stinkers surrounding them though. Then of course the whole weird pre-album bit before an Intro it's like... okay. Overall, I wasn't expecting to take 10+ songs from the album so... she won?
  7. Carefully is giving Ray Of Light vibes....
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  8. Even though I personally like the songs, I understand people not liking the pre-lude or finding it weird. I feel they're essential to her story, which is why it's understandable that they're on the album, but maybe it would have worked better if they had just had each song be a standalone single (including ICU) and had the album start with the intro/The Art Of Starting Over. Or maybe they could have released them as a mini-EP or something.
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  9. I had a bizzare moment. When I listened to Met Him Last Night, I was like “okkkk Demi is keeping up with Ari’s riffing” ....

    demi has ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THEM VOCALS SINCE CAMP ROCK but for some reason, I forgot for a sec
  10. My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriends is one of the most hit single worthy songs on this album tbh, they should really push it.
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  11. As much as it sticks out like a sore thumb compared to a lot of the album, they'd be foolish not to push Met Him Last Night at some point. It sounds like a thank u next leftover aka a smash in waiting and banger.
  12. A lot of the doc hinted at or touched on things that would be on the album, but her saying her biggest fear was that her father would end up dying alone with no one by his side, and that it was days before anyone found his body so that she doesn't actually know the exact date that he passed away really makes Butterfly even more devastating.

    That along with the Apple Music description is heartbreaking:
    I hope those who had (many reasonable) reservations about the documentary series as nothing but trauma p*rn at least give the end of the album (Butterfly and Good Place) a listen because it truly marks a measurable turn in her work and who she is as a person. There's a lot of self-reflection about both a life plagued by abuse or trauma and reconciling her way through it all.

    @Music Is Death Met Him Last Night is really fun. I think it's clearly an Ariana demo though Demi confirmed this. I hope it can bring her a real hit this era. They both work well off of one another.
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  13. I’ll always have a soft spot Demi and must admit I went into the album quite cautious. ICU isn’t as horrific as I thought it would be, it wouldn’t be out of place on DEMI- or a Disney soundtrack sonically ddd.

    Standouts are The Way You Dont Look At Me, Butterfly, The Art Of Starting Over, Easy, Met Hun Last Night and The Kind Of Lover That I Am. These all show some kind of artistic progression, whilst also telling her story in a way she’s actually never done before. Her lyricism is often too blunt lately, but there’s actually the odd brush of nuance. The songs she’s done in the past about her birth father have gone between on the nose and divine and Butterfly is just stunning. The melody of the chorus is such an ear worm for such a sad song.

    Most of these won’t make it onto a casual bop playlist for me, but I appreciate the effort here to make a body of work that’s autobiographical.
  14. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Well this is definitely her best album yet. I mean, it's her first one where the ratio of good songs to bad is more than 50%. still falls into a lot of the trappings that have plagued all her previous albums. She's never been good at sequencing her music, and this album just takes the piss by opening with three ballads before the intro comes in and pretty much says "okay but the actual album starts here". I don't even think they're bad (well okay Anyone isn't great) on their own merits and I get that they're supposed to set the scene for the themes that follow, but it just feels like a false start and leaves the entire album with a weird sense that it has no beginning. It doesn't work for me at all.

    Generally I think the songwriting is pretty strong, but a lot of the lyrics still stumble into very well-worn tropes and concepts, which is especially disappointing when there's also stuff like Melon Cake, ICU and Butterfly which are based around entirely personal experiences and feel entirely fresh as a result. I don't really want a dreary cover of a cover of Mad World when she's clearly capable of writing solid lyrics of her own.

    ICU, Melon Cake, Met Him Last Night and Carefully are my immediate favourites. Four songs I definitely like (and probably more that'll grow on me with time) is a pretty good score.
  15. This is definitely her strongest collection since Here We Go Again. Once you get beyond those dreadful opening four tracks, everything beyond the Sam Fischer collab is quite good. The sequencing is a mess, and it’s still a tad bloated, but it also wouldn’t be a Demi album without those issues.

    The Art of Starting Over, Lonely People, The Way You Don’t Look At Me, Melon Cake, Met Him Last Night, Carefully, California Sober, Butterfly, Good Place and The Kind of Lover I Am (minus that tragic ending) are all pretty great, show some fantastic growth for her, and should have been the direction for the entire album.
  16. I’ve replaced What Other People Say with the solo version, I quite like the song but he adds nothing to it. I’m not really sure why they thought collaborating with someone unknown after a series of flop singles was the way to go.
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  17. Can anyone else hear the melody of the bridge from Ariana’s Break Free in the bridge of Butterfly?
  18. Like on Christina's 'Stripped' I kind of wish there was an intro (''scandal, gossip...) which informed the listener of events leading to this album and then we could just kick off with the title track.

    That said, I don't mind the first few songs at all, they just open the record in a strange way.
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  19. Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels wrote some of the songs of the album... That should give it some "quality" at least.

    I haven't heard anything yet, but after skipping her last album I'm thinking I will give this a try.
  20. I swear to god the first two songs almost gave me a migraine
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