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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. Absolutely not!
  2. I love that I can listen to this album from The Art of Starting Over to Good Place without feeling the need to skip. Sure, Mad World isn't needed but it's by no means awful, I love the rest. Even the order of the tracklisting works so well (after Intro).
  3. The spoken outro on The Kind of Lover I Am is so ridiculous it actually works, this is a narrative I will be pushing.
  4. RMK


    There was also a way better roll-out hidden here. Scooter Braun is... Not doing his best. Releasing the doc in four parts, with the best segments being in the first two, just drains the hype they tried to create. How everything released is contractual, sure, but every part falling on a Wednesday with the 'Devil' single release being a focus was a misstep. She should've drip-fed singles weekly knowing there wouldn't be a hit, especially on radio, and prepared to push Met Him Last Night with release.
  5. I mean, you already have your version. Let the rest of us have some crumbs.
  6. £4.99 on UK iTunes now.
  7. Outside of that opening trio of 3 ballads, i really like this album. It might be lacking in subtlety and feels like a sledgehammer lyrically but it all works for me. She sounds her best, the musical influences are here and they do work, the features are fun and i even like that Mad World cover. Kudos to her.
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  8. I'm 7 tracks in, and if I'm honest, I'm pleasantly surprised about how much I'm enjoying it. I enjoyed the last couple of albums, but this is shaping up to be my favourite! One little niggle is that some of the tracks I think could do with being lengthened slightly. I was bopping along to the title track and was ready for a final chorus, but it just stopped.

    Glad to see that it could end up being her highest charting album in the UK. They do seem to be pulling out all the stops. The webstore have a flash sale for bundles at just £8.99 for a cassette, UK exclusive cover and signed postcard.
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  9. The Way You Don’t Look at Me is possibly my favorite thing she’s ever done. It is stunning.
  10. Not bad numbers at all to say she pulled 79k in a stronger sales market (& with a hit) back in 2017. There’s only 3k between #5 and #2, would be great if she could make top three.
  11. I would have done a total era reboot with The Art of Starting Over as the intro single quickly followed by Butterfly, Met Him Last Night and Melon Cake leading up to the album release week. Keep the visuals carefree and colourful like the album art as a juxtaposition with the heavy themes. Basically the opposite of the weird trauma porn Devil video. Nothing about the makes sense and yet the songs are right there.
  12. Demi stans went off the deep end over a Rolling Stone review and made this fake tweet from the writer to try and get them fired. All over a 3 star review...

  13. I'm giving the album a spin for the first time and while I'm not in love with anything, it's far more pleasant than I expected and thats largely because she singing comfortably here. These songs are within her range and she's actually singing instead of screaming and shouting. Why were they pushing garbage like Anyone when The Way You Look At Me accomplishes a lot of the same things while also having a decent vocal performance.
  14. RMK


    I can confidently say Easy is one of the best songs on the album, and her career. Noah Cyrus also brought those vocals out of nowhere.
  15. The way she holds her fanbase accountable for being a mess in the documentary... and they continue being a mess.
  16. Oh, are we not talking about the fact that Christina is in the last episode of the documentary?
  17. Met Him Last Night was up to 22 on US Spotify yesterday. Looks like she finally has a hit!

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