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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. ...I hope her team knows that it only counts towards the charts once it has been dispatched.
  2. Does Scooter have a say in how many bundles etc or is that label?
  3. Now I’m loving this track listing but I don’t know where to place the CD bonus songs in this, I’ve put Gray before Sunset, Change You before I Love Me and I’m Sorry before Good Place... why am I over thinking this hahahah
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  4. What was it.
  5. "@HMVtweets: #demiuknumbertwo"
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  6. If they haven’t closed the gap with all these bundles I would be so shocked, they sold 1000 copies yesterday evening with the signed poster bundles...
  8. If I hadn’t read good stuff here I wouldn’t have continued with the album - nothing against her but the first few tracks are just not what I would go to Demi for aurally, regardless of how important the subject matter is. Once the prologue (?) is over the rest of the album really glides by and is quite nice.
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  9. Every email from her store this week...

    1. My new album is yours now ♥
    2. Jay have you listened to my new album yet? ♥
    3. Bank holiday special: £11.99 bundle special ♥
    4. Demi’s brand new album is out now ♥
    5. Last chance Jay: £11.99 signed album bundle special prices ends soon ♥
    6. My album is now £5.99 on Amazon, limited time only ♥
    7. Flash sale: get my album for £4.99, 48 hrs only ♥
    8. Final artcards & posters remaining!! ♥
    9. We’re almost there... ♥

    ... a journey! Their hustling finally worked on me, I ordered the CD/cassette/signed card £8.99 bundle this afternoon!
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  10. Scream! Queen of last chances.
  11. She over-exceeded her initial figures and now HDD has her doing 61k.

    That would place her comfortably at #4 and only 2.5k units behind #2. Scooter should manifest some website sales to get her to go #2, though he'd probably only do it so he could brag about her and Justin being #2 and #1 ddd.
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  12. Those numbers are pretty decent. She had no hits backing this up so a slight decline from her last album is better than what I was expecting. I'm glad this is doing well for her because it's easily her best album.
  13. RMK


    I really do hope the album has longevity for her, because it's genuinely her best release yet and I've been playing it constantly. I don't see radio being a fan of Met Him Last Night, but let's hope for a great performance on streaming.
  14. I think most of the sales for the reduced bundles will be counted...

    I’ve got 5 CDs but no cassettes or signed art cards/posters today (I know art cards were ‘delayed’ and now I’ve had an email saying the poster should arrive before May 7th).

    A bit confused as my original order hasn’t been sent at all and that was a pre-order including a t-shirt so yeah... have a feeling they sold the initial art cards rather than honouring the preorders.

    She could have got 4 more sales from me with my original bundle and the cassettes so it’s not great.
  15. Luc


    They refunded me the difference since I placed my order the day before their huge Store sale. What a Generous Queen.. Yay!
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  16. I really like the dream pop/ethereal sound to this album, and despite this being her longest album yet, it's not as much of a slog to get through as some of her previous.

    Scream at the album artwork having a particular aesthetic, and then she's coming out doing promo looking the complete opposite.
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  17. it’s missed the no 1 spot by 272 sales. Talk about a pop injustice. Who are the Snuts anyway?
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  18. UK: #2.

    400 copies behind The Snuts.
  19. It’s actually 272 copies...
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