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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. I don't like her music and voice at all but why the fuck is the forum so vicious toward her? She can be annoying but this constant pile on disturbs the hell out of me and yes, that does have a lot to do with what she's gone through.
  2. So we just let her off because she has gone through stuff? She’s not untouchable because of her issues, no one is. You can still be a decent human being to others beyond your issues!

    If you go a few pages back before she started attacking an independent business we were all very positive about her and her music. I think her album is her best one yet and she has a lovely very powerful voice.
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  3. Okay she’s been an entitled asshole? She’s been through a lot does that mean she gets away with it for the foreseeable? Makes no sense, she’s being held accountable, she expected everyone to dog pile a small business and then got a sharp reality check, so maybe she should do better.
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  4. Thinking about when i got thread banned for calling her Feedmi Gelato. My foreshadowing mind

  5. I didn't say she's immune to criticism at all but I've just noticed a really meanspirited tone towards her in all my time on this forum. It waxes and wanes but it's always there. And yes, her behavior towards the business wasn't great, but I also don't think it warrants the amount of backlash she's getting.

    And also, we have to remember that her behaviors and mental health issues can't be completely divorced. Which is not to say that mental health issues and problematic behavior are in any way linked (I wouldn't imply that because I have severe mental health issues), but for some people, it does influence how they act and navigate the world.

    For instance, her need for attention or the virtue signaling that people find annoying? There's probably a lot more that meets the eye.

    And I need to be better about this too. I've sometimes come at artists harshly without fully considering their mental health.

    Finally, I may have been a little overly judgy of the forum, but IDK. Despite not being a fan of the music, I feel like I do understand her on some level and sympathize even when her behavior is problematic. But that doesn't mean I'm excusing it. I just think of how hard it must be to take care of your mental health while under an intense harsh microscope and the thought of makes my stomach kind of hurt.
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  6. Yet when Taylor Swift was acting in ways that were equally problematic, I don't remember you having this kind of tone.

    But I'll admit that I was a little nasty toward Taylor and should have toned it down. I just get really upset about racial stuff.
  7. There have been a couple members who are weirdly relishing in the negativity surrounding her and dragging her for things that have nothing to do with this situation, but for the most part this forum treats Demi pretty fairly? The majority of comments do take her mental health and struggles into consideration, so I’m honestly not sure what you’re seeing. And more importantly, you can still struggle and be an asshole.
  8. This is.. not true, The forum gives her her flowers when she deserves them (whenever she releases a song that isn't 3.5 minutes of unmixed screaming) but she's literally just gone full Karen at a small business for absolutely no reason. Did you think everyone would defend her despite her being a complete asshole in this situation?
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  9. Honestly just... report or directly quote the posts you're talking about or you're calling the entire forum out for minor posts I cant even see ddd
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  10. It just seems like every time I go into a Demi thread, people are making her the butt of a joke. I feel the same way about the Meghan Trainor and Jessie J threads. It seems like there's this huge penalty for not being a great popstar sometimes.

    I do admit that the treatment of Demi on this forum HAS gotten a lot better. I read the first few pages of this thread and I do think I was a bit judgy with my first post. But I remember feeling a bit resentful toward the forum when Demi had her overdose. People WERE being sympathetic and loving towards her but I kind of thought, "Y'all were being pretty meanspirited toward her before this."
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  11. When did I say that people should defend her? I just find the backlash to be a bit too much. And the phrase "we give her flowers when she deserves them" doesn't sit right with me at all.
  12. We support her music when it's actually good?? We support Demi the person through her struggles, we don't support Demi the person when she's gone out of her way to attack a small business? I really don't think its anywhere near as deep as you think.
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  13. Maybe not but I don't think it's anywhere as a cut and dry as some of you think.
  14. I think there’s a difference between making fun of her body or her struggles with addiction and making jokes/pointing out that she’s a pop star who generally makes shitty creative choices and tends to find herself in really embarrassing situations online, usually brought on by her own tone deafness.
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  15. Especially when we've been praising the album for being surprisingly brilliant?
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  16. It's kind of like the Azealia Banks situation. I personally had to stop listening to her (which I'm sad about because I introduced her music to my mom, who didn't know who she was, and was blown away by it all over again) because her behavior just became too vicious. But even when she was at her worst, it just seemed like, "Man, this person is really hurting."

    So yes, Demi can absolutely be an asshole, but I really do think it comes from a place of pain.
  17. I agree somewhat but sometimes it feels like a bit much.
  18. But, again, the harshest comment I’ve seen (outside of the unnecessary one that said she was annoying for “changing her sexuality every week”) is literally someone calling her an asshole nn. You’re gonna have to start quoting exactly what you’re talking about, because it seems more so like you’re generalizing and projecting when the discussion around this particular situation has largely been none of what you’re saying. And if there are instances in the past where people have been more harsh, then that’s the whole point of evolving, no?
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  19. Sorry for coming at y'all the way I did in the first post BTW. I just got a bit emotional about this whole situation, partially for personal reasons I won't derail the thread with.
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  20. I can quote some stuff but I'm a bit tired right now. Maybe later, but honestly, I'm kind of wishing I would have kept my mouth shut about this. No reason for me to guilt the forum.
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