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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. Honey we're all hurting. There's no excuse to go after someone with language like "you don't want to mess with me" etc. That doesn't come from a place of pain. That's behaviour that comes from a place of entitlement, and hey guess what? She got called out for it. That's after the forum had spent all week discussing the positives of her new album. Your victim complex sounds almost as bad as Demi's.
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  2. My victim complex? That is not called for at all, especially after I've admitted that my first post was a bit off base.

    And how do you know it doesn't come from a place of pain? Why are you so comfortable in making that assumption?

    And no, we don't all suffer on the same level. Not even remotely.
  3. Well, about the album, although it's good, after a week sitting on it, I'd actually say I enjoy Tell Me You Love Me more dddd

    It's one of her four albums I can still listen to as a whole and I'd rank them:

    Here We Go Again
    Don't Forget
    Tell Me You Love Me
    Dancing with the Devil
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  4. @Espeon. Sorry for coming at you with the Taylor stuff. It's not really pertinent and it was wrong of me to try to catch you in hyprocrisy.
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  5. When is she releasing this on vinyl? They are missing a trick, I would actually buy it.
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  6. Why are you so comfortable thinking it does?
  7. I completely sympathize with someone who is triggered, because I know it can lead to emotionally charged responses in the moment that aren’t entirely thought out. However, Demi doubled down days later and continued to privately attack the business while publicly spreading false info and blaming everyone for twisting the situation when she was called out for her entitlement and lies. If she’s going to tell people they need to do better by putting them on blast, then she should expect the same heat back. Now, I agree that outside of the forum people are being very harsh and using this as an in to drag her simply because they don’t like her, but I don’t get that vibe from this thread. There are several members that have posted their experiences with diet culture and disordered eating, and some that have shed light on how necessary the items Demi was critical of are for their health/lifestyle. So it’s not just dragging her for the sake of it, because I’m sure we could also argue this ordeal could have been triggering for some here as well.
  8. You're right that I'm making an assumption. And I'm mostly making that assumption based on personal experiences.

    I still think the victim complex comment is uncalled for, but I see what you're saying.
  9. I think this post is 100% on point and makes me feel a little better. I admit that I kind of was also bringing some of my feelings about the backlash outside this forum TO this forum.
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  10. Which is fine as long as you recognize that’s what you’re doing and can separate outside discussions from what’s going on here. It doesn’t invalidate your feelings. I know I do it because this is really the only place I post online and can have real conversations, but I still read everything and tend to take that with me and put it onto things happening on PJ.
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  11. I will say that was 3 years ago and I’ve had personal growth in that period and I’m glad Taylor has actually stepped up but now I’m not above calling out my favs etc Lana who now I just can’t listen to, so I’m trying to do better but no hard feelings.

    Just to add I wouldn’t drag her just for the sake of it but this situation with the pandemic and rich people really rubbing me up the wrong way with their privilege. I don’t dislike Demi and hopefully she can grow from all this.
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  12. Taylor has stepped up, both personally and musically!
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  13. Well she could only go up from ME! Let’s be honest.
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  14. You just never know though. At least she put that doubt out of our minds.
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  15. You can be both a victim of trauma and an insufferable asshole, yes, but the elephant in the room is that this forum stans a bunch of people who are both assholes and have never been victims of serious traumas just fine.

    If you easily enjoy someone like Lana Del Rey or even someone who has constantly put her foot in her mouth like Miley Cyrus in spite of all they have done, you should probably look elsewhere and not feel entitled to get some emotional catharsis from Demi Lovato publicly embarrassing herself.
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  16. Haha. True. Although I don't connect with Taylor as much as other people do, she really did go above and beyond with folklore though. I listen to it and understand why she's such an influential and celebrated songwriter. Her way with words is something to respect and admire.
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  17. I don't want to come at the forum again because I do think I was initially unfair, but I do think that people in general (not just on this forum) tend to be a bit more forgiving of entitled assholery if the music is good. Which is understandable but I think it's a bit of a problem. Not trying to say that Azealia Banks applies here because her trauma is severe and partially a result of the despicable way that society treats black women, but like I was saying, I was showing my mom her music and I felt a deep conflict between "this artist is a fucking original and serves musically in a way few people do" and not being able to get past her ugly comments. And in that moment, I kind of re-evaluated some of prior stances on Azealia Banks stanning.

    I think this dynamic kind of applies when it comes to Lana too. I think people have gotten over Lana's comments a bit too fast and easily, but at the same time, it's understandable.

    That being said, I do think we, as a society, need to shift away from an overvaluing of musical talent.

    The way that a lot of people (not on PJ!) just completely dismiss the Michael Jackson stuff because talent is not really understandable to me though.

    I totally get your point, but I do think that trauma being invisible and often unknown does complicate things.
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  18. Honestly, we were praising Demi a few weeks ago for the unexpected album she delivered, more than less of the tracks stood out. But yes, we also love to drag her when she deserves it. And honestly, she deserves it much more every time, especially after not owning up mistakes, improving, false receipts and bad attempt at apologizing - basically this whole saga in one sentence. A "do better" indeed.

    Even if, all of her asshollery, comes from a place a pain - does that means she should put a local small business on blast? She has a huge reach, she should know of ways to deal with these issues and learn that instead of using her clout for things like this. It isn't all black and white, a lot of gray between certain struggles she had. But there are ways to deal with that, and it seems like she just doesn't want to learn aka improve her own behaviour. Especially she has access to therapy and finding behaviour to deal with it.

    You also said about
    Check the Justin Bieber, Justin T & Lana threads or every time anything is posted about C**is B**wn for a second. You see both are received and treat just as they deserve, like Demi is here.
  19. I didn't completely think this through and I owned up to that, but I think you're replying to posts I didn't make. I did not say her behavior should be excused. People should let her known she was wrong, but I do think the overall backlash has been too harsh. However, as @mindtrappa was saying, I was conflating overall backlash and PJ backlash. After reading through some of the thread, I realize that this forum actually has gotten a lot fairer to Demi. And while I do think PJ treated her badly in the past, I also have realized that this forum has gotten better about almost everything. It's actually kind of shock to read the earliest posts on this forum. The insensitivity and lack of wokeness was wild (the way users would comment on pop girls' appearances), but now this forum is one of the sanest places on the internet haha.

    I don't agree with what you said about the Lana thread though. People did call her out and pretty substantially in some cases, but it feels like when people started to really enjoy the new album, the tone turned jarringly super positive. That's just my interpretation of course, but I really do stand by comment that the quality of the music does impact the discourse.

    Finally, it's one thing to call Demi out when she messes up, but should we "love" to drag her even when she's in the wrong? I don't think so.
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  20. Another reason I came to Demi's defense in the way I did is because I was just thinking about how hard it must be to manage mental health when under the microscope 24/7. Which doesn't excuse her actions and words but it's a terrifying thought.
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