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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. I 100% sympathize with her struggles and keep that in mind, but it doesn’t mean she can’t get called out when she acts like this. I truly do root for her and would love for her to have a great, drama free, smooth era. It just baffles me how she continues to go out of her way to put herself in these situations....I don’t get how she hasn’t learned by now.
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  2. I had quotes of your posts in there, but then a page later you felt wrong about them or so, so I left parts of them out. Great to see you found the difference.

    Hmm yeah, people are usually not compared to themselves 10 years ago but the thing is that these posts are here forever so... That makes it indeed a great way to show how much we all have grown here.
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  3. I guess I just see the "not learning by now" as potentially a vicious mental health cycle, but as I've said, I was just really biased my own experiences in this case. Which, as you guys have mentioned, doesn't excuse it but it does make me a bit sad. Even though she seems obstinate, her unwillingness to accept her actions might truly come out of a frustration with herself that she doesn't want to face. She might know she messed up even if she seems to be digging in her heals. The mind works in very strange ways.

    One thing that I'm sure we can all agree on though is that Piers Morgan should STFU. About everything.
  4. Someone said a few pages ago that the album sounds like a ‘The Oc’ mix and i cannot stop thinking about it. Carefully sounds like it came straight out of the soundtrack.
  5. Yeah I still think the album is great. I can’t wait to play it when the weather isn’t shit.
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  6. Grey is my fav, sad it missed out on the standard album track listing as it deserved to be more than a bonus to me!
  7. It was me and I can't stop thinking about it too! The whole album is such a vibe, love it so much
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  8. I was thinking about this whole situation about her attacking a small business and not taking a time to look outside her own lens. And I can't stop thinking if this compulsion + NEED to always say what she thinks "hurting whoever it hurts", get involved in fights/situations that she is not part or even mentioned, is kind of one of the things that she has not managed to overcome at all, maybe an inner anger, I don't know. Cause this has been constant, all these years, maybe this is one of the only ways she knows to get rid of and feel that she's doing some kind of good for the situation and feel better about it. Anyway, I keep thinking about it...
  9. Demi made a comment just for you.

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  10. Outside of Demi's questionable views, I'm manifesting both a country cover of California Sober and a pop/rock cover of Carefully. I can hear it in my head and I need to see this in person.

    This might be my most favourite album this year and I hope she does a virtual concert soon.
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  11. RMK


    Was really looking forward to watching her Zach Sang interview, but she seemed really tired.
  12. My signed bundle has been delayed to 30th June now.
  13. Big props to Demi for sharing info on her insta about the terrible situation we’re going through in Colombia.
  14. I listened to Here We Go Again in full the other day. Now that is an album, it's a shame she's never managed to top it.
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  15. Get Back, La La Land & Don’t Forget really are her best singles run so far.

    World of Chances and Catch Me are also beautifully written and sung.
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  16. Falling Over Me is the best thing she's ever done. It's achingly beautiful.
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  17. She's hunting UFOs now.
  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's so weird how it feels like she finally found her footing with Tell Me You Love Me and this album, and yet there's barely anything to show for it other than "Sorry Not Sorry".

    She could be building herself an audience at AC radio with songs like "The Art of Starting Over", "The Kind of Lover I Am", and "California Sober", but I guess Scooter and everyone is too busy ~caring about the story than singles~ even though she literally has them right here.
  19. The fact that she's not content with annoying just humans and turkeys so now she's targeting aliens too. Inspiring, in a way!
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