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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. I want her to be well. Addiction is a horrific disease. This ballad is just not good from a quality perspective, however. Her vocal delivery is too much.
  2. I think the song is too linear. It goes from point A to point B with no dynamics. It goes without saying that I'm happy she's feeling better but the song is just average. She has better ballads.
  3. I was perched for this as someone who loved her last album and “Sober”

    While I appreciate the sentiment, the song itself probably should have been reworked (I’m guessing they released her original demo for ~authenticity) or kept in the vault.
  4. Seriously Sober is so much better.
  5. Just yesterday I heard Échame la culpa (in the supermarket) and I wondered if there was a song where Demi didn't overdo it. And now she comes with this overdoing it.

    The lyrics...

    I feel stupid when I sing
    Nobody's listening to me

    Muffy, sis... the emotional blackmail.
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  6. Lord, what a shit vocal take did they pick for the final version of the song. I adore the girl, but this is definitely not it. I also don't like the emotional blackmail her team is playing out with this whole single release.
  7. This is honestly ghastly. Obvious it means a lot to her, but it's a truly awful song. Sober is ten times better than this.
  8. I guess they used her first or one of the first takes in the studio. She must have felt very emotional during the recording process, which you can actually hear. Also since this was recorded a few days before her overdose, she was also drinking alcohol and abusing drugs during that time, which definitely also has an effect on the vocal chords... Not trying to excuse this screeching, but it explains why her live version yesterday sounded much better.
  9. I just don't understand how you can release this after you released Sober.
  10. The song is her 7th #1 on US iTunes.

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  11. I honestly don't think this song will be particularly huge. If you look at a song like Praying or Lose You to Love Me, there's a relatability and also redemptive arc to them with their themes of overcoming adversity or heartbreak. This song is just ... bleak, which is fine and can be good, but the whole thing comes across as very unaffected (despite being very real) because of its straight up honked delivery. I also agree that Sober was a better song.
  12. I actually think the studio track is admirably bare at the beginning, but when she starts whaling it gets terribly grating... and then you realize the song is barely a minute in, and she's going to be screaming at you for the next 2:30. Restraint would go a long way on this track.

    I have sympathy for her situation and I think she has a lot of talent, but her idea of being impressive vocally is just being loud and that doesn't do it for me.
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  13. Funnily enough, none of these have made it past #9 on the Hot 100. And one of them didn’t even chart.

    I do wonder how this will do, though. Is she added to any major Spotify playlists?
  14. What's even weirder is that Stone Cold has more Spotify streams than 6/7 of them, even though it failed to chart in the Hot 100.

    She doesn't have any/much Spotify support, but she's in a few big Apple Music playlists
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  15. Stone Cold is Silver in the UK. That's a shocker.
  16. The chorus is just a brick wall of screaming. Sober still ends me though.
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  17. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Selling roughly 8.63 downloads.
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  18. We can't use being #1 on iTunes as a barometer of hit potential anymore, thankfully
  19. She has really consistent certifications in her main markets, despite often shoddy peaks.

    The last time one of her album singles went uncertified in the UK was Really Don't Care (feat. Cher Lloyd) from her 2013 album.

    In the US, her last non-certified single was Made in the USA in 2013, though I imagine even that is eligible for at least gold by now.
  20. This is so good. I love the rawness.
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