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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. The close ups of her warbling shows how much she pushes for those horrendous notes.
  2. It's not the most pleasant song to listen to on headphones but this feels like a cry for help and I can feel it. I'm glad she seems to be in a better place now enough for her to release and perform it.
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  3. The song is just laborious, I mean good grief. Is Scooter to blame for the chronic oversinging these days? She used to demonstrate some sense of care when singing ballads but that’s apparently gone out the window since Stone Cold if I’m remembering the timeline correctly.
  4. Something triumphant about overcoming addiction and her being grateful to be alive would've sufficed a lot more than a song that admonishes people for not paying more attention to her and hoping someone who does will come along. I'm mixed
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  5. The problem with her vocal is. She starts at a 10 and then keeps at that and trying to do more.

    Rather than starting at like a 4 or 5 and then building to a 10 for the big finish.

    She is trying to do the big finish almost all the way on most of her ballads.
  6. RJF


    The performance felt so... rote, and antiquated. The big white dress. The spotlight. The piano. The overwrought ballad. Like something out of some How To Engineer A Comeback instruction manual or just straight up satire. For all the effort, there was no feeling to it whatsoever. It was so weird.

    I... do kind of feel for her in a way. Like, she's a total dumbass, but so is pretty much the entire stable of child stars she comes from, and yet they get forgiven, and intellectualised, and raised up on high, while she, despite the raw talent and the struggles, has spent a good chunk of her career as a laughing stock or a meme. I would probably feel a bit hard done by too.
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  7. Y’all better cool it before she reads this thread and screams debuts a new track at the AMAs about the Popjustice abuse she endured.
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  8. It would probably be better than Anyone.
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  9. A low bar to clear.
  10. I've only heard the live version so far and I'm fucking screaming at the reactions to the the single version. You girls keep me young.
  11. Also she has really poor technique. She’s going to end up seriously damaging her vocal chords if she keeps screaming these songs. I’m all for a good high belting, but sis take a note from Ariana’s book for example, that’s one of the few pop görls who has impeccable technique.
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  12. I...hate this. I turned the performance off halfway through because she sounded awful and it just made me uncomfortable honestly. I do feel for her though, and Sober is amazing so it’s a shame how Anyone turned out. It’s just unpleasant to listen to all the way through. I get the whole raw vocal take vibe but this just isn’t it. Someone pointed out that she doesn’t have good technique and it’s never been more obvious than here, I think. She just doesn’t know how to use her voice which is a shame because when she scales it back she does sound really nice.

    I genuinely hope she’s on the road to a healthy and happy recovery and I hope this song has been therapeutic for her. And I hope the screeching is out of her system and we don’t get another song like this.
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    A new Demi single?

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  14. I expected this to be a nice ballad a la Sober but this song is truly a mess. Never should have been released.
  15. And the most baffling thing about this whole mess of a release is the amount of praise it’s been getting online. Like are we all listening to the same song? Just shows how the locals will eat anything up
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  16. Guilt tripping the GP into sympathy streams is a powerful promo technique.
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  17. No one

    absolutely no one

    not a single soul in the world


    Demetria singing “is theeeeeeere ANYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE”

  18. Demi should've taken JHud's role in Cats.
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  19. I'm not sure even Demi could have out bellowed that version of Memory
  20. Coast Guard worldwide found using this song to locate ships lost at sea
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