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Demi Lovato - Dancing With the Devil: The Art of Starting Over

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. What in the Jessie J is going on here?

    Still haven’t seen the performance. Hearing the studio has not made me want to seek it out.
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  2. I adore the song but her studio vocals are grating.
    The Grammys performance, whilst still a bit overwrought, is far better.
  3. [​IMG]

    I listened. I wish I hadn't.
  4. I skipped through the Grammy performance and thought that it is not very nice to hear.

    It was heaven compared to the studio version.

    Feeling sad for what have happened to her but this song should not have happened to us.
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  5. This song is very unpleasant to the ears indeed. She should've re-recorded or at least "polished" the studio version because she's just yelling instead of doing any singing. She has been ruining her voice for a while now with shouting her songs, not smart when that's what determines your income (girl you call yourself a singer so SING). I'm also a bit surprised that she releases a song with these lyrics when she's presumably feeling better mentally. I do feel for the girl when reading the lyrics (I'm not listening to this song more than once thank you), I just wish she would tone it down a bit.

    I absolutely love Tell Me You Love Me and I loved seeing her live in 2019, I'm kind of sad that she's released such a shitty song now. Sober was such a good starting point...
  6. Well that performance was a serious assault on the senses.

    I'm sorry, but almost comically overwrought and about as emotionally affecting as a sledgehammer to the head.
  7. I feel bad for her with this, on multiple listens there’s something there that I think could’ve been amazing if they’d have really reworked the song a good amount of times. Like it’s crazy to think they’re considering this the final version of the song when it should have been like the bare bones of what they were gonna work on.
    It’s like someone else said, just because something feels like it’s a moment doesn’t mean it is. Like I write poetry and stuff for example, and I can write a poem or story that absolutely floors me and feels like a moment, but I still know it’s a shit first draft that needs work.
    More work and consistency is needed here without a doubt.
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  8. This is nice

  9. Stone Cold being certified is truly tragic.
  10. Ah man. I feel bad for the girl.
    She's just feels lost to the point where a stage at the Grammys or a hospital bed are just places.
    The cynicism I felt bothers me. Sign of the times I guess.
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  11. I like her a lot but the new song is horrid.
  12. Speakers on my laptop were shaking and vibrating like they were about to blow when I played Anyone. A bit too much as usual, a Stone Cold x 10 tea.
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  13. The single is expected to debut in the high 40s/low 50s on the Hot 100. Dead in the water
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  14. It missed part of the tracking week which should be taken into consideration...
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  15. It's still climbing on streaming & reaching new peaks

  16. I don't think 'dead in the water' is fair when they clearly aren't pushing this like a lead.

    From the get go it has seemed like a promotional single to kick-start her comeback narrative.
  17. She debuted it with a highly hyped Grammys performance and it was put on New Music Fridays and Todays Top Hits on Spotify which are the two best playlists to be featured on, no? How are they not pushing this?
  18. I was led to believe the Spotify playlisting was not as aggressive as one would expect for a lead single - especially the first single under Scooter Braun. Coupled with her comments about the next song coming soon & the song not being conventional single-fodder with the original vocal take & ultra-stripped production, I just don't feel like it's the lead.

    'Clearly not the lead' was probably a bit of an overstatement. I just think that this can't really be sold as an underperformance when all things are considered.
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