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Demi Lovato - HOLY FVCK (8th Album - Aug 19th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, May 26, 2022.

  1. Not the acclaim on here for a Demi single! HOLY FVCK indeed.
  2. What do the credits look like for this?
  3. She’s premiering this live on Fallon tonight.
  4. I love the full song, what's happening?
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  5. Demi's screamo vocals really do fit this style much better than whatever they're usually aiming for.
  6. Some of their vocal inflections are serving sadboy2005/Trisha Paytas but I'm here for it.
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  7. I will not be commenting on the single at this time. I however feel a very startling, disarming, and similar way that I felt this time 7 years ago.

    That is all.
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  8. This is great. Good for them!
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  9. It's definitely giving me Trish Paytas covers Celebrity Skin but I'm bopping.
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  10. She was on live before the video premiered and specifically said the new album was essentially a continuation of her first two, going back to her roots, etc. Not really the throwing past material under the bus like I've seen people say, more like embracing it again. So we love that.
  11. It’s great. Really like the rock sound on her. The opening riff is identical to Celebrity Skin, but the rest of the song isn’t.
  12. They did that, we just have to admit it.
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  13. I'll hand it to them. Celebrity Skin of My Teeth is more interesting and enjoyable than anything I've heard since Sober. Rawker Demi is my favorite Demi.
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  14. I think the most surprising thing about this is the restraint in their delivery? Especially as this is one of the few genres where their usual screeching would have been justified nn

    The songwriting is tight and they feel right at home so let me be optimistic about the album!
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  15. SKIN OF MY TEETH is already one of her best songs, what a massive banger. Her delivery, the chorus, that bridge, the final part with the shouting... everything is on point.
  16. Here's what the credits on Spotify say:

    (I thought this was a typo but yes, I can confirm that "Okay" is in fact Warren's actual middle name dd)

    Don't think I can see any mention of Courtney or Billy's names in the credits but outside of the verses, I don't think there's that many other similarities to Celeb Skin.
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  17. Yeah, this is a banger. Lyrically, vocally, all of it. The bridge in particular is my favorite part for several reasons but especially the message of

    I’m just trying to keep my head above water
    I’m your son and I’m your daughter
    I’m your mother, I’m your father
    I’m just a product of the problem

    Whew. Such a succinct and impactful way to illustrate that it could really be anyone, and it is so many people that fall into the trap that is the disease of addiction. Demi’s a rich celebrity but even those privileges don’t separate them from being a victim, too. People like to point the finger at and ridicule them for their struggles but if those people took a step back and were asked to give that same energy to their own loved ones, that tone would surely change, even if only slightly. People just need to be gentler with each other, full stop. Like, Demi’s sick of it, too, but they don’t get to roll their eyes and scroll past a headline and this feels like a much more honest and genuine take on those feelings.

    This is even one of the few instances that I think those higher pitched wails actually work because there’s enough weight behind the words and the sentiment to make it feel earned, if that makes sense? The vocal performance in general really does take me back to their first two albums in such a fun way, it just works so well. Cautiously but excitedly perched for the album! This is the most I’ve anticipated a Demi release since Here We Go Again, honestly.
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  18. Oh Demi this is what we love.

    Fresh and nostalgic? A win.
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