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Demi Lovato - HOLY FVCK (8th Album - Aug 19th)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, May 26, 2022.

  1. I clicked on the iTunes preview expecting to hear some ballad. I was very pleasantly surprised. Will the new album be rock influenced or is it just a one off?
  2. The album cover is giving me "What if Chromatica was a used mattress store" ddd
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  3. The whole album is rock influenced.
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  4. It’s like a poor imitation of when she did pop rock well.

    Where’s Get Back? Don’t Forget? Got Dynamite?
  5. The whole album is pop/rock
  6. I was actually anticipating liking it as I've always loved when she leaned into rock but this is so distractingly Celebrity Skin with the opening that it sets up the song poorly. It's a boot for me.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Happy for them though!
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  8. I stand by what I said about the lyrics before release but everything else makes it bearable. I’m digging through the bottom of my shredder looking for my stan card.
  9. I bopped.
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  10. The chorus melody is great and it's nice to hear them discussing their stuggles with a little more humour as the likes of 'Anyone' and 'Sober'. I agree with @Jonathan27 though that the point of comparison with 'Celebrity Skin' being so striking and kicking the song off makes the feeling hard to shake throughout.

    If nothing else, I feel this sound probably is a little closer to their taste and they're likely going to throw a lot more of themselves into this era... which fills me with both intrigue and pre-emptive terror in equal measure.
  11. I feel like they really missed a chance by not actually sampling Celebrity Skin and making it more obvious. Lyrically that song isn't so far removed from what Demi sings about and references in this song. Feels like a missed opportunity... And also if Courtney sues them, it would be deserved cause the opening riff is scarily similar, I was certain it was a sample.
  12. RMK


    She showed a lot of vocal restraint across the last album; it was probably her most impressive performance yet. I think I'll prefer the rock sound when the full project is out, but I do think the last album was her best to date. (Ignoring the Devil tracks)

    It addressed all her struggles too, which made me feel like she was wrapping that chapter and moving forward. However, it all seems more humorous here so I'm not totally over it or anything.
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  13. The song very good.
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  14. I like the song a lot! Yeah, I was almost sure that had to be a Celebrity Skin sample, I'm surprised it isn't. She sounds great on it, and I like that it's a little bit of a humorous take to a lot of what she's done in the past with some heavier topics.
  15. This is so good. The bridge is really what takes it to a 10, they're getting repeat listens out of me just for that pay-off.

    The marketing has sometimes been a bit much but musically I don't think the subject of their drug addiction & overdose has really been overdone. Not to mention the rehab stint in question happened after the last era was over. It's a nice take on the topic.

    They seemed uncharacteristically nervous during the Fallon performance, but I think it might have been to do with the guitar. Sounded great regardless, I just need them to sort out the playback situation for the 'I'm just a product of the problem' line, it's too good to be ignored when they move onto the next section.
  16. Playing Celebrity Skin then this back-to-back...


    It bops a bit though

  17. Oh this is excellent.
  18. I was kind of enjoying it until that bridge...
  19. It’s their best track in years. Probably since Cruel for the Summer however Tell Me You Love Me remains there best album by a country mile, Demi’s albums work better with a tight 10-12 tracks but she tends to love a bloated album such as Devil. Editing in all aspects is not their strong suit.

    Courtney is gonna sue, simple as that and if I was her I bloody would. As others have mentioned they missed a trick not be honest about the sample a remix between this & Celebrity Skin could be fire.

    I wish them luck, I live for how messy they are.
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  20. I like it but it definitely sounds way too much like Celebrity Skin...but the opening "Demi leaves rehab again" did gag me a bit.
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