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Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by coolforthesummer, May 29, 2016.

  1. The queen of pop is preparing a new era, after her Hollywood Records contract ended with Confident.

    She wants to perform new material on the Honda Civic Tour in a month.

    She wrote songs with:
    - Miguel a few weeks ago
    - Tayla Parx who worked with Ariana, Alicia Keys, Mariah , J.Lo etc.
    - Easter Dean who produced For Rih, Bey, Katy, Nicki, Brit, Christina etc.
    - She's also working with Timbaland again
    - She wrote something with the Born To Die producers
    - With Wynter Gordon (who helped with Sorry & Daddy Lessons for Bey) and Sir Nolan (Good For You and Piece by Piece)
    - And she wrote a song (1) by herself + (2)

    Sounds like she's going for a full R&B album this time, but you never know with Demetria (she also posted that she wrote a lot about death...).
    I will update the OP once we got more information, but I think that's enough for a thread.

    Update 1:

    She has been working with Laleh, who co-wrote Stone Cold and Father (noooo).
    And with Priscilla Renea (California King Bed, Timber, Who Says, Worth it).

    Registered tracks are
    • Human | Ina Wroldsen & Steve Mac
    • Love Is the Name | Steve Mac, Ina Wroldsen, Ewald Pfleger, Guenter Grasmuck, Peter Gruber, Kurt Plisnier & Herwig Tremsching
    • Magical | Sia Furler
    • My Stupid Heart | Josh Alexander, Jason Evigan & Billy Steinberg
    Human, Love Is the Name and My Stupid Heart were supposed to be on Confident though and Magical is for the upcoming movie Charming.
    Demi will also voice lead role Lenore, the true love of the prince, and she's also the executive producer of the movie musical. Wilmer Valderrama will voice the prince.
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  2. I'm willing to give her another chance, Confident was okay.
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  3. I'm still traumatized by her rate, don't do this.
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  4. I've never felt more judged in life than the time @joe_alouder clocked my CD sitting on the shelf in my room.
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  5. Scalp me with a killer lead single that will be a deceiving indicator of the quality of the album that will follow, Demetria !
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  6. @joe_alouder is stone cold.
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  7. I need more new music. I don't own anything by her, or probably even heard a song of hers. What should I listen to? Bear in mind I will probably do only one or two songs before moving on in case I'm not hooked.
  8. Cool For The Summer.
  9. He went silent for a minute and then bluntly said "I see that."

    Stone Cold (available on iTunes) indeed.
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  10. (at chorus #1) Holy f***!!! That is NOT her usual sound come on. I can't have been sleeping on this!
  11. Sadly it is not her usual sound.
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  12. @UnionJackMix opinion is divided, but my fave song is Heart Attack. It does feature her trademark screaming though.
  13. You went from "love you" to "hate you" in less than 30 minutes.
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  14. "Cold for the autumn" as a lead single to follow.
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  15. Oh no, I'm not a huge Demi fan! Also anyone who comes around to Zayn is 100% always on my good side.
  16. Gonna order the Deluxe of Confident nonetheless, thanks oh (and I meant, you make me love you with suggesting that track, only to tell me it's a one-off! thus turning love into hate-kidding), and am playing Heart Attack now.
    I will do an Ariana and start with latest album first (though I haven't gone backwards yet, instead now ordered Dangerous Woman).
    I thought Demi was like a nice demure-ish girl from when I saw her as judge on whichever talent contest she was judging. Didn't expect that! Thanksss
  17. I'm so ready. Give me another CFTS or Two Pieces.
  18. You're doing gods work @ohnostalgia.

    Well, it's going to be an amazing ride then.
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  19. I feel so conflicted right now.
  20. If it's anything like the first four tracks of 'Unbroken', then no thanks.
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