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Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by coolforthesummer, May 29, 2016.

  1. The title track kind of flopping is a shame. At least the album is doing okay.

    The video came way too early, especially with how Sorry Not Sorry basically pushed its follow-up to winter to struggle during the Christmas freeze.

    She should regroup and try to launch Single #3 in a month or so.
  2. If it can stay afloat until the Grammys, that might be the push it needs but yeah this is... not going as well as planned.
  3. The video views collapsed a bit too much to be saved, I think. Sorry Not Sorry is now getting more daily views than Tell Me is. I think a Grammy performance could help it at least snatch a Top 40/30 peak.
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  4. Getting one hit single per album is pretty much her trademark.
  5. @Sanctuary sis you know I love you but I think you're doing a bit too much..

    I wouldn't count the single out just yet. It's predicted to re-peak this week at #53 and it'll grow on radio from here on out. it'll be a moderate hit.
  6. Confident outsold Cool For The Summer despite being a second single and Cool For The Summer charting higher sis.
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  7. Sexy Dirty Love.
  8. It's just extremely stagnant on radio with a super small bullet. A bunch of singles got launched around the same time last year and radio simply chose New Rules, Bad At Love, etc. instead of this. It just never caught on it seems. Just poor timing, really.
  9. The single still has some room to grow, a bit of payola will sort it out. If it's radio is still stagnant or even dropping around the time of the Grammys then it's time to move on. The fact it's climbing 10 places on Billboard this week is still a good sign.
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  10. Yeah, a second wind isn't impossible but things are looking a bit weak at the moment. Sorry Not Sorry was still doing extremely well going through Christmas so they probably should've waited until the new year started to send this to radio & release the video.

    I don't really blame them though because I don't think anyone expected Sorry Not Sorry to have that amount of longevity.
  11. It got a good update on radio today & is it at a new peak on the Hot 100, on radio spins and radio audience.
  12. I don’t know if repeaking at #53 is of notoriety, sis.
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  13. Fans: Demi, are you going to perform at the Grammys??? What's the next single?
  14. She looks so good here tho
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  15. I see that scam artist & occasional actress Kate Hudson has gotten Demi fully engulfed into her fitness cult. #FreeDemi.
  16. So Fabletics is actually a pyramid scheme?
  17. Goop ha impact
  18. Like, half of her Instagram posts are about Fabletics. Someone please rescue her.
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