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Demi - Lovato

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. Who thought any of this was a good idea tenor (1).gif
  2. Hey... at least she didn’t do Commander in Chief.
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  3. I mean...
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  4. Give Your Heart a Break is possibly her best single and when I took her seriously. The song was perfectly suited to her sweet tone. Unfortunately everything she’s released since then has been disappointing.

    I know Tell Me You Love Me was well liked on here, but her style/tone of singing has been unbearable for me in these recent years. I literally brace myself when I get to the bridges of her songs because I’m scared of her screaming in my ear.
  5. She's serving Halsey impersonator.
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  7. Unbroken remains the last album/era I enjoyed from her as a whole. Give Your Heart a Break has aged surprisingly well.
  8. Why did I just read all 114 pages of this thread ddd

    Give Your Heart a Break slapped 9 years ago and still slaps today.
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  9. She absolutely did what she had to do with Give Your Heart A Break. That "every time you run" is one of her best vocal moments, and that sassy run afterwards...I guess I have been hurt before and she could see it in my eyes.
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  10. Girl, just stop.
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  11. Remember when they crowbarred her into Will and Grace as Will's surrogate?! That should go on a list of Worst TV Ideas Ever.
  12. what kind of

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  13. I hate the title of the show already because it reminded me of "hungies"
  14. Did y'all watch her guest star on Grey's Anatomy? She was not good.
  15. My only exposure to Demeteria the actresś is this clip floating around vine so you can imagine I am thrilled there will be more.

  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    NBC cancelled Superstore to greenlight... that. I hate it here.
  17. Watch it being canceled on the start of season 1

  18. This is so out of the blue for her!
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