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Demi - Lovato

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, May 24, 2018.

  1. The Eurovision song is quite nice actually, much better than I Love Me. Not that it takes much!
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  2. It gets me super Don't Forget vibes
  3. I only discovered the ‘Emo Mix’ of I Love Me when checking into the Eurovision song today and I actually really like it.
  4. First of all, the Eurovision movie is a thing? Secondly, In The Mirror is a bop minus all the screaming in the second half of the song.
  5. The movie is dreadful I wanted to like it I really did but yeh. Her song is a bop though.
  6. fffff

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  7. I'm so happy for her!
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  8. Interesting! Congrats & best of luck to her.
  9. Why am I screaming at this?

    Anyway, I didn't know who this man was but for once she had taste! Congrats to them.
  10. Apparently this guy was weirdly obsessed with Selena but she seems happy so good luck to her.
  12. They really are a perfect match then!
  13. I have to say from experience that people who post like this and rather share their relationship on social media than between themselves, don’t stay that long together.

    Happy for them though.
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  14. I am happy she seems to be in a much better place this second time around. Good for her!
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