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Also ‘Precious’

That's because "Precious" is a half-baked song with a good verse but a void where the chorus should be and not the "return to form" that the boring end of DM fandom insist it is. It's not their worst single, by a long shot, but it's far, far, far from their best.
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I've been on a mission to try and get a better track listing experience out of Sounds of the Universe, because it is overally long, there's better tracks that were bonus tracks, and I thought it'd be fun, so this is what I've come up with, if there's anything missing or shouldn't be on the album feels free to chip in, I'll also discuss sacrifices I made. I was inspired by the pacing of Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion for the ordering.

Sounds of the Universe (Reconstructed)

01.) In Chains (Alan Wilder Remix) - What better way to start off the album than with the vastly superior remix done by Mr Alan Wilder himself, production that is reminiscent of Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion, it's so good and almost like Alan is basically saying "this is what the album could have sounded like if I was still in Depeche Mode", but at least we have this treat for fans! And thus we have an element of Alan Wilder on a later day album.
02.) Wrong - Straight after the long atmospheric intro song, let's dive into the "hit" from the album. Getting rid of Hand to Feed.
03.) Fragile Tension - Bop.
04.) In Sympathy - A bit of a plod but I really like this one, it's very nostalgic when I listen to it.
05.) Jezebel - I personally love this song, and Martin always has 2 songs on the album since Some Great Reward, so why this album doesn't is beyond me, though I do feel this song fits the back end of the album more, I feel his other song fits the back end even more.
06.) Ghost - This seems to get a lot of love from the fans, so a moody piece in the middle of the album.
07.) Space Walker - Gotta get that interlude in.
08.) Oh Well (Single Version) - Another b-side that gets a lot of love from the fans, and another banger for the album. The main version it 6:30 mins and it really doesn't need to be, the single version perfectly trims the fat.
09.) The Sun and the Moon and the Stars - Again, another bonus track that gets a lot of love, Martin's second track, many fans seem to consider this better than Jezebel.
10.) Corrupt - A great closer for the album, I never actually liked this when the album first came out, but it's grown on me, and also, it reminds me of True Blood as it was featured in that. Then there's the Wrong reprise at the end in the same vein as Everything Counts at the end of Construction Time Again.

Duration: 48 minutes

Sounds left off the Universe:

Hole to Feed - I just plain don't like this one.
Little Soul - I do quite like this one, but I can live without it
Peace - There's just something about this song I can't enjoy, there's elements in it I really like and some great production, but I just find it a bit of a drone when it comes to the chorus. I might be unpopular with this.
Comeback - I actually love this song, but it doesn't seem to be very popular in the fan community, I think it's the loud production.
Perfect - Again, I love this song, but seems to be another unpopular one, I'd actually consider putting it on the album after Oh Well, but probably wouldn't fit, maybe after Space Walker.
Miles Away / The Truth Is - I've never liked this one. I'm normally completely done with the album by the time I get to this one, which might explain why I Corrupt got poorly judged back in the day.
Light - I love this song, but maybe a little too basic to be on the album, I used to think it'd make a great "New Song" on a new singles collection.
Esque - Just another interlude that Space Walker does better.
Okay now I'm thinking swap Jezebel and the Sun Moon and Stars...

Also, I love Precious, this was around the time I started to discover Depeche Mode, Precious was definitely a stand out for me at the time, it's a really well written song with some heart wrenching production, also, it's great live. Plus, it was a number 4 hit.
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your tracklist.
Maybe this version of Come Back will help.

I quite like this sound as a direction they could go in.

Thanks, I never bothered with that demo disc, but really should get round to it.
There’s also this more stripped down studio performance which is quite nice.

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Martin discusses the new EP released today in this interview, he’s also working on something else with a friend.
No new DM planned as of yet.

Oh brilliant, maybe he is continuing his work with Madonna (we can dream)....I would love to hear what he came up with for her in the early 2000s. Apparently she was ‘impressed’ but clearly not THAT impressed as nothing ever came of it!

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