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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. There's always a moment seeing DM live when the show crosses over from polite enthusiasm to absolute oh my God this is incredible where you're lost in the moment.
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  2. I saw the Spirit tour in Birmingham and it was amazing start to finish, the opening act Re-TROS were great too, they had me entranced through their entire set, they were facing away from the audience which is always interesting.
  3. And it’s not always the big arm waving numbers either... one tour it was the rendition "Waiting for the Night" and the crowd ‘oooo aaaah’s that followed it for ages, eerie yet brilliant.
  4. Yes! I clocked on that this is a regular thing when I finally watched the Spirit Tour DVD and the crowd all started "Oooing and aaahing" at the end I Want You Now, or some Martin number, and I thought, this is exactly what the crowd did when I saw DM at the O2 Arena in 2010 after Martin finished singing Home.
    Such a lovely moment when the audience connects with the band, and Dave can walk back out on to stage and keep it going for another 3-5 minutes.
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  5. this is still my absolute favourite DM Song and one of the best songs period !
  6. From Metallica Blacklist, here is Dave's version of Nothing Else Matters. I like the sparseness of this version. Very raw.
  7. My Ultra box set arrived on Friday and I’m so glad to have this collection up to this era, I wouldn’t be upset if they ended these box sets here, but I do low-key want Exciter and Playing the Angel eras too.
    Everything after still feels relatively recent and I have everything from The Spirit era on vinyl, which are still available on Amazon.
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  8. They are a thing of beauty but bloody expensive. Missed out on Violator and sofad. Clearly popular sets and the numbers produced must have been lower compared to earlier sets as they're difficult to find now. Was hoping the prices would drop but no such luck and sold out before the official release date.

    Going forward I guess it just depends if you want all those original cd singles on vinyl for the first time or not.
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  9. I remember being shocked in the price jump from A Broken Frame to Some Great Reward and the last 3 have all been around the £150 price mark, it’s painful to pay that much for these but they are gorgeous, I don’t think anyone expected Violator to quickly disappear before it was even released, even though it’s the most in demand box set, I do wonder if they’ve lowered the pressing numbers.
  10. Yeah they definitely have lowered the pressing numbers as the first few boxes are still easily found at discount prices three plus years on, so have probably worked out how many people are prepared to buy them now and limited the numbers accordingly. Violator was always going to see the best and ask a very tempting set.
  11. All my Violator singles are already on vinyl… *feels v old suddenly
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  12. Yeah I meant more for future album boxsets were the cd single was king and not everything by dm was therefore released on vinyl. I can see that being one of the few tempting reasons maybe to buy exciter or playing the angel boxsets.

    Have to be honest that after sofad, I wasn't keen on many of the single sleeves. Just all seemed rather dull and grey. So having them on 12" seems less appealing for me.

    Btw, do we expect a new album from DM next year. They usually announce a tour 6 months before hand don't they.
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  14. Unsure, but it's not the first time that they haven't provided a track list.
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  15. I can't believe it's been 5 years since the last Depeche Mode album, it feels more like 3 years. looks like the 4 year cycle they've had since Songs of Faith and Devotion has been broken.
  16. I was hoping for at least Counterfeit 3 from Martin.
    Instead we got a forgettable instrumental EP.
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  17. Dave has been adding his vocal talents just about everywhere of late tho so I’m hopeful it’ll be DM’s turn next
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  18. Martin hasn’t given away any new songs/lyrics since Spirit so I’m sure they have more than enough new material ready to go.
    Also Dave’s last album was covers so he must be saving a few good songs for DM too.
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  19. I still cant really listen to anything which isnt 83-93, though I have all of it - i just wish theyd go Black Celebration/Music for the Masses type music again and less of the droning electroblues the last 5 albums seem to have largely consisted of.
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