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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. I have a feeling that we won't be getting any more new Depeche Mode music. Tours, yes, but that's it. And if that's the case, it's a shame they didn't stop an album earlier with Delta Machine which is one of their best post-Alan. The last track is even called "Goodbye"!
  2. I think its down to Dave. Its only really Dave and Martin that have much musical influence or write for DM and i think the blues sound is the sound Dave seems to love, hence the last 20 years output all being of a similar style. Plus they always tend to select producers in this last 20 years that do as they want, rather than challenge them in the way Flood and Alan Wilder did.
    I would love to think that DM could suprise us again but i doubt it. They still produce good albums but just not as original and as surprising as they were during the 83 to 95 period.
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  3. Same here. Maybe I'm missing out on stuff, but it's always 83-93 for me too.
  4. I enjoyed (and actually played!) Spirit more than any of their recent albums - Delta Machine really left me cold.

    More songs in the vein of Cover Me and I’d be happy
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  5. My peak DM listening is a bit skewed from that - 85 to 97 covers it (I love Ultra)
  6. The Ultra singles were all 5/5s.
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  7. I don’t really enjoy Songs of Faith and Devotion or ULTRA though I do love “I Feel You”, and “It’s No Good”.
  8. I own nothing past Violator, but I wouldn´t really want them (or anyone) to go back to a certain vintage type of music. Usually those records are so ingrained into our minds that a return would always sound like a simulacrum.
    Take OMD for example: Trying to do something akin to Dazzle Ships is just bland and actually weakens the "original" because it reduces its originality to a formula that appears to be easily duplictated.
    At least that´s how it feels/sounds to me.
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  9. I don't necessary want DM to go back and produce another Violator. I just wish they weren't so restricted musically at the moment by sticking to same bluesy style (so it feels) as they have been since Playing the Angel.
  10. Completely agree with this.
    This industrial/blues sound (don't know exactly how to define it) doesn't land for me for some reason and they've been trying it for a long time.
    I think more downtempo-ish electronic songs like Happens All The Time would be a great direction.
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  11. To each their own, I adore their industrial blues vibe as “Personal Jesus” was the song that got me into them but I would love more variety.
  12. 100% agree with this, Delta Machine for me was just bleak, I much prefer Spirit, it just took a few listens to get in to, but Going Backwards, Cover Me, You Move, No More, Fail, all great.

    I also think Playing the Angel is great too, Sound of the Universe I enjoyed at the time, but now I struggle to get through it, although there are some gems on there.

    For me Ultra is an extension of the 1983-1993 peak Depeche Mode, it's a great album and the producer did a fantastic job of capturing those Alan Wilder production qualities.
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  13. Yes I was never as convinced by the new OMD stuff as a lot of fans seem to be.
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  14. Andy and Paul should bin their laptops and buy some tasty analogue synths because "what if Architecture & Morality but sounding like Liberator" is not it.

    As for Mode, there are no albums after Violator that are great from top to tail. Ultra has mostly underwhelming singles but some of their best album tracks; Playing The Angel is a feast of clichés; Spirit is cringemaking. I get the complaints about Martin's blues stylings but I still maintain that Exciter, Sounds and Delta Machine are the best post-Alan releases, and all of those are too long and have at least two Mode-by-the-numbers "spectaculars".
  15. Hmm, I enjoy a lot of their post Alan stuff.
    Ultra, Playing The Angel and Spirit were all great eras for me.
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  16. It seems to be an uncommon opinion, but Exciter is my favorite post-Alan album. Freelove, I Feel Loved, When the Body Speaks (especially the Acoustic Version), and Goodnight Lovers are all among my favorite Depeche songs.
  17. Home and It’s No Good underwhelming singles????

    I’m still waiting for the day Exciter clicks with me, Goodnight Lovers is gorgeous but as an album I can’t get through.
  18. The Exciter Tour was the first time I go to see them live, so it's kind of special in that way for me.
    But overall I find that album a little bit all over the shop in musical direction and not as cohesive as all the other albums.
    Sounds Of The Universe is probably a bit like that for me too.
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  19. You could definitely shave off a few tracks. The one song where Martin basically lists a bunch of biblical names is the worst.
  20. Exciter has some nice stuff...felt like a welcome breather after the heavy 90s albums. But it's quite uneven in terms of the songs.
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