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Depeche Mode

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Begs 2 questions:
    - When do you get up?
    - Are you more of a cat person?
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  2. I always found Something To Do a bit irritating as it was kind of rock-n-roll-y. It was an omen of things to come though.
    All in all I enjoy SGR the least of the pre-Violator albums
  3. Today was a day off, cue lie in! And naturally first port of call with breakfast, browse PJ
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  4. This made me really sad. I can't imagine Depeche Mode without Andy.
  5. This news has hit me like a ton of bricks. They are and will forever be my favourite band.
  6. Just scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and saw this, absolutely shocked and devastated. RIP Andy Fletch!
  7. Stunned. Never would have imagined he'd be the first to go, and certainly not so young. What awful news.
  8. Yeah totally threw me when I read it. Didn't quite believe it.
    So awful for his family, friends and bandmates.
    I appreciate this isn't the time but I do wonder whether this spells an end to DM.
  9. I can't imagine the band without him. And in terms of DM's social ecology, wasn't Fletch always the buffer between Martin and Dave? If he's not there, can they function? I think they're done. And how sad that is to type.
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  10. Without disrespect and speculation I do wonder if this is why there’s been no talk of a new album etc.
    I’m listening to them now and I’m just so sad.
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  11. I'm not sure. They will either do one final album or/and concert or nothing and make an announcement in time to come that DM has understandably come to an end. A terribly sad why for such an iconic and to end if so.
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  12. Maybe. I just assumed that as they are a touring band mainly now that they probably didn't want to start an album during the pandemic without knowing if and when they could tour it.

    The material is usually all written in advance and then over a space of a year they get together in the studio about 3-4 times to record it, I think.
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  13. Very sad news... one of a band who delivered so many moments of absolute musical brilliance.
  14. Very sad, total shock. I’d been playing Never Let Me Down Again Split Mix all day for some reason.
  15. You and me both @simes1970 - Fletch is Mr Depeche and hard to fathom he’s gone. Gutted
  16. I’ve had Some Great Reward on repeat since. Think I wanted earlier Mode where I feel like he was more obviously involved

    if it is to be the end of Depeche (and I kind of feel like it will be) then ask if Alan fancies a Fletch memorial goodbye tour and let’s all celebrate him/them best way possible.
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  17. I’d definitely be there for that.
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  18. Wow.
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  19. At uni I had a house plant that I named Fletch and a housemate made a cardboard keyboard to add to the pot. I’d forgotten all about it until today. Odd the things that come back. I’m onto Black Celebration now
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