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Depeche Mode

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. I’m also on Black Celebration.
  2. First major concert I attended was the Black Celebration tour back in '86 at the age of 16. Didn't know what to expect before going but was blown away. Still to this day one of the best gigs I've ever experienced.
  3. Yeah, glad I got to see the tour just before my body completely gave out on me that year.
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  4. I managed to see the band twice before I fell ill, Music For The Masses and Violator tour. Glad I did manage to see them during the imperial phase musically, where virtually everything they did was at least great
  5. I only saw Violator tour, epic though.
  6. I've been wishing they'd just stop and leave their legacy as it is, all those amazing albums. But I wouldn't have wished it to be like this.
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  7. 60 years old, no time to go. I can't believe I'm at that age where all my idols are dying. R.I.P. to a legend of electronic music.
  8. I quite like the post Alan albums, but I think that’s down to me only getting into them in 2006, but still I saw several tours and the band meant a lot to me.
    I was born the year they released my favourite album, Black Celebration, so I’m sure you all have much better memories than me in their imperial phase, but I still fully embraced their entire back catalogue.
  9. For anyone that wants their DM fix, I have put together the Top 30 tracks as voted for by members of this very site back in 2015.
  10. First gig was World Violation tour in Birmingham, and I’ve been to pretty much every tour since so it seems a bit churlish wishing for one more chance to see them, even if it’ll inevitably feel different.
  11. I think the only way they could do it is if either Vince or Alan agrees to it. It wouldn’t work as a duo would it? but I’d hope we can see them one more time at least.
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  12. RIP Andy Fletcher.
    So sad to hear this news
  13. In total shock.
    60 is too young.
  14. Shocked and gutted. I can't believe it's just Dave and Martin now.
  15. Not sure if people following the band closer than me were more prepared for this, but Andy's death came out of nowhere to me, and I am left speechless. Rest in peace, Andy, and as most of you I am spending some time listening to Depeche Mode's works (Shake The Disease is more and more shaping up to be my most listened to track over the years).
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  16. Nope this was completely unexpected, bar the vinyl reissues and Dave’s solo album, things have been very quiet in Depeche Mode camp.

    Listening to Some Great Reward last night and Blasphemous Rumours hit me more than it ever has.
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  17. I thought the same. And I know it’s not a given that you would hear anything but with the relationship Depeche seem to have with the fan base if it was expected then I’d think some news would have come out earlier.
  18. "Enjoy the silence" is the tune for me at the moment.
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  19. Popped into my local record store and I heard one of the workers say “let’s listen to all the albums chronologically”, next thing Depeche Mode comes on, I obviously had to share my love and told them it’s a great idea.
  20. Was actually chatting about them with a friend a few weeks back - commenting that we should go see them live next time they tour, fully expecting that they had at least one more album and tour in them. This news is just so awful. RIP Andy and thank you for the amazing music.
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