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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. I went through a phase in 2018 where I was really into Depeche Mode and Girls Aloud at the same time (a random pairing, I know). They were both groups I had not experienced growing up and I finally got to delve into their (brilliant) back catalogues. It's surreal to have lost a member of both groups just a few years later, and within such a short span of time. As a newer DM fan, it was comforting knowing that through everything the group was still active and touring, thinking that maybe one day I'd get to see them live. I believe they were finishing up the Spirits Tour during my peak obsession, and I remember hoping it wouldn't be their last because I wasn't in the situation where I could go at the time.

    RIP Fletch.
  2. Depeche Mode are amazing live.
    "101" along with "Stop Making Sense" are my favourite Live Albums/Concert Films.
    I was so lucky to see them on the "World Violation Tour" back in November 1990!
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  3. I think Violator would have been an amazing era to witness live.
  4. I can confirm it was. They were supported by Electribe 101 (amazing) and all the songs had that violator polish . Plus they played the Behind the Wheel/Route 66 mashup. Oh how I was pleased
  5. I remember coming down from Scotland to Birmingham for the Violator tour. A night I will never forget. I was also working the next day so it was a rush back, did not quite make it by an hour.
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  6. I was them at Wembley Arena with five friends.
    Personal Jesus
    Waiting for the night to fall
    Never let me down again
    Were the highlights for me!
  7. Was interesting seeing The US DJ Richard Blade being interviewed about Fletch on BBC news and talk about his importance in the band. He seemed convinced they would continue with a new album and tour next year and that Fletch loved the band and would never want to be the reason it ended.
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  8. They didn't play See You then?
    So jealous. Would loved to have seen DM during Masses/Violator period. Just peak Mode.
    The first time I ever got to see them was on UK 86-98 singles tour.
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  9. Can you shed any light on the stories of Electribe 101 being booed at these gigs? Or is it simply part of Madame's myth, ie, why yes of course I grew up in the red light district and of course I use my real name!
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  10. Depeche Mode were a teenage angst lifeline. Their run of singles until Only When I Lose Myself was as airtight as it gets. I was 15 at the height of my DM mania. Shame I fell off after Exciter didn't really do it for me and have yet to properly catch up.
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  11. I always kick myself for not going to the Devotional Tour just because I was a struggling Uni student.
    But I feel blessed to have seen the Exciter, Delta Machine and Spirit Tours. (all overseas as they haven't been back to Australia since the Devotional Tour!)
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  12. No - I remember Electribe 101 being on stage and quite liking them - and they weren't booed at the Wembley Arena show I attended. I would have remembered if they were!
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  13. Gosh, imagine if it has been fan fiction all these years. I mean, that voice - the world really doesn't deserve Billie.
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  14. We may well have been at the same gig!

    I remember some empty seats during Electribe 101 as people went to the bar, that's standard during support acts though. The reports of booing have always confused me.

    As for the main event, such a thrill to have seen the band at their peak (IMO).

    RIP Fletch, you were an inspiration to so many.
  15. It was a great gig - we were dancing like mad to "Stangelove" and when "Never let me down again" started we went "ape" singing at the top of our voices...people (are people) around us were staring at us - but the same thing happened when we went to see Prince in 2007 (31 nights) - there was an older couple (in 2022 I'm probably older then them now!) who were pointing us out to the surrounding crowd - but we didn't care - we were loving every minute of seeing/hearing Prince.
    What made it special was the mix of my friends (Spanish, Black American, Asian - female/male - we were like a dream team for the united colours of al)
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  16. Not that I’m aware of - at the Birmingham gig I went to they seemed well received, I certainly liked them enough to get their album afterwards. I’m only aware of Marxman creating a grumble in the section of Crystal Palace audience I was in whilst we waited the whole day for ver Mode!
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  17. I am startled to the high heavens. I've never heard this before!

  18. Electribe definitely had to endure a lot of boo-ing in Germany at the time.
    To be honest: Being the opening act for DM was always a thankless task since 1983. I remember (flop) acts like Sense and Matt Fretton opening for them and being pelted with hairspray cans! Later they had bands like Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 opening for them, whose core fanbase were DM fans as well.
    And yes: The Violator tour was them at their absolute peak!
    Sadly it was downhill from there.
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  19. Electribe 101 were booed at the Wembley gig I saw on the World Violation tour. I can’t remember which one it was. Funny how many of us saw that tour!

    I’d love to have seen the two previous tours, I am probably odd one out but Violator was a step down from Celebration / Masses for me. Admittedly it was a step from Deity level to Bl**dy Amazing Still.
  20. Maybe Billie heard booing at the front from the hard-core DM fans. Back in the cheap seats it was all good.
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