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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. This is interesting. I am kicking myself for not remembering, but I once spoke to a guy in San Francisco who was in an act who opened for them too. I must have asked, but you know, probably forgot 5 seconds later.
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  2. I know it´s a "potato recording" but you can hear that Billie Ray´s vocals are super high in the mix, totally overpowering the music. If you´re not familiar with Electribe you could certainly be a bit irritated by her super emotional emoting.
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  3. Madame Martin's vocals are an out of body (on the floor) experience!
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  4. Maybe a singles compilation 2001-2022 and one more tour
  5. I think they will do one more album and tour. They won't, but it would be a nice touch to get Alan and Vince involved in some (small) way too.
  6. I really wish they would/could. Then everything could be ended on a high of sorts.
  7. A Dave, Martin, Alan, Vince album and tour would be a nice way to end and to honour Andy.
    What would it sound like I wonder?
    I suspect the bones of a new DM album are already there, Martin and Dave must have written some new songs as they've only released instrumental music and covers albums since Spirit.
  8. I imagine it could sound like this with Alan involved.

    I’d be very happy with that.

    Also I've read Vince is currently dealing with some family issues, hence cancelling the Erasure tour, so I can't see him getting on board. But I think it'd be much appreciated for the fans if Alan rejoined to honour Andy with a farewell tour and album, or something.
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  9. If (and it’s a very huge if) it were to happen I think it’d feel more like DM with Alan than Vince just because of the longer time he was in the band. Hard to believe it’s 25 plus years since he left
  10. Yeah I just mentioned Vince as someone who could get involved either by providing remixes or showing up if they did a one off gig or something, not to rejoin the band or anything.

    Alan rejoining is just a dream which won't happen as you mentioned it's about 27 years since he left which is a ridiculously longtime ago. I guess now they all get on again it seemed simpler and more fitting to ask a member of the DM family to play live with them rather than some brand new.

    In my head it just will seem odd it just being Dave and Martin in press shots and on stage if they continue just the 2 of them.
  11. Watching ‘Depeche @ the BBC’ - some great archive stuff from the 80’s, but bittersweet watching Fletch amongst the clips
  12. Yeah it was shame they did practically no UK TV performances between 1988 to 1997. It felt a bit jarring jumping from Music for the Masses era to Barrel of a Gun. Still can't be helped. Was just nice to see some DM on TV.
  13. I was surprised by the gap - not least as they had a Depeche Mode day on radio 1 for the release of SOFAD - I would have expected at least one bbc appearance then
  14. I can't think of one. As mentioned in the TOTP thread for 1993, they announced DM exclusive was coming up in a future show but they never appear for I Feel You so can only assume they backed out. I remember that radio 1 day for SOFAD and I think MTV at a DM weekend too but I can't think a single UK TV performance they did for Violator or SOFAD singles in the UK, except that satellite link for Enjoy the Silence on TOTP.
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  15. So glad I got to see DM (Dave, Martin, Fletch, Alan) live. Was also lucky enough to meet all four during their Violator Tour. It will be very interesting to hear their new material and to discover which songs were written and recorded whilst Fletch was still with us.
  16. Beyond jealous. My first DM gig was on their 1986-98 singles tour at Wembley Arena so missed the boat seeing them with Alan.

    I'm not sure what stage they are at in the recording. If they are half way through recording, it would be a different approach if Martin suddenly wrote additional songs to record post Fletch.
  17. Those two Singles Tour Wembley dates where insane. Both nights we phenomenal.

    If enough songs were written and recorded it would be a lovely way to celebrate Fletch by releasing them.
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  18. The same, getting onboard for their live events with Violator and beyond. Just a shame I missed their last tour, more so with Fletch’s demise. Still have mixed feelings about what I’d like them to do next.
  19. I didn’t know about Depeche Mode at the BBC so I’ll have to give that a watch tonight.

    min glad I got to see the Tour of the Universe and Spirit tour, agreed it’ll be interesting to see what comes next, has new material even been mentioned? I had no clue about this of so.
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  20. I remember that MTV Depeche Mode weekend back in 1993 (I think) I managed to fill up a VHS 180 tape that weekend with all their Music Videos!
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