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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by simes1970, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Yeah it was first time I had seen their early videos that they were too embarrassed to put on 'some great videos' compilation in 85. Dave popping in to Woolies to buy his own single will always be a highlight of seeing See You.
  2. I did similarly with a vhs over a period of years - tbh no idea what’s on it, probably just their videos recorded when on TOTP but I hope there a few more interesting items on it too
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  3. The local branch for @Hairycub1969 and yours truly.
  4. Hounslow. We were rummaging through the singles bargin bin pondering on whether to buy any of the 7 inches that had dropped out of the chart that week!
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  5. Ironically, the single in your avatar at the moment (Papa Don't Preach) was purchased by me in that very store!
  6. I’m watching the live at the BBC show now and I’m loving it, agreed it’s quite sad seeing Fletch, but it’s also very apparent just how much he owned the interviews in the archive footage, like defending Martin for wearing dresses, I can’t believe the woman interviewer used the word “pervy”!
    You can see since day 1 he loved being on stage with the other guys.
    Also, Blasphemous Rumours is a moment, I’d love them to perform this live again.
  7. I FEEEEEEEEEEEEL these guys so much.
    So happy to see Martin and Dave keeping the DM flame burning.

  8. Wonderful! I am really excited to hear and see what direction Martin and Dave go with new material especially since the death of Fletch.
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  9. Seeing that post of them in the studio yesterday made me sad, but also very happy and reassuring that they intend to continue and aren’t wasting any time.
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  10. I heard this rumour a couple of weeks ago but didn’t want to post anything until confirmed.
    The rumour was that Depeche Mode would announce a new album and tour in Berlin on the 4th of October.

  11. It should be an interesting announcement as you would expect a lot of questions about Fletch. It will seem strange seeing DM as a 2 piece to be honest in pictures and live but glad there could be a new album.

    If they do play live in the UK, i hope they go back to arenas rather than the likes of Hyde Park as they did for the Spirit tour.
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  12. This has me very excited.

    Judging by the studio photos we’ve seen on their social media, it looks like the announcement will include new music, whether that’s a whole new studio album or a few new songs we’ll have to wait to find out, I’ve seen a few comments mention Fletch’s involvement in this, which will be sad but nice.
    Remembering when they announced a broadcast press release for Sounds of the Universe back in late 2008, the excitement being my first Depeche era as a fully fledged fan, the nostalgia.
  13. …remembering when my discovery of DM news would come via the pages of NME or Smash Hits… analogue style!
  14. Exciting news!

    I also hope they play smaller venues. I'd kill to see DM at Shepherd's Bush. I saw Dave solo there on his Paper Monsters tour and being so close was just like the first time I saw DM live in 1986
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  15. I’d love them to scale the tour down so they can come back to Australia.
    It’s been way too long, like maybe 30 years?
    I travelled overseas to see 3 of their tours, it would be nice if they returned the favour.
  16. "The grabbing hands grab all they can, so why don´t you piss off?!"
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  17. I see rumours on facebook that their new album due spring 2023 will be called Memento Mori with a UK date at Twickenham stadium in June. Will take it with a pinch of salt until official announcement tomorrow.

    It looks like they have kept with the black and grey sleeve design they stuck to for for the last 20 years. Great that we might even have a new album but wish they'd take a risk on not keep repeating the playing the Angel design.
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  18. Hope it’s not the one UK gig - cue internet melt down on tickets for sale day…
  19. There’s a poster for Germany too that been circulating, but yeah hoping they do more UK cities than just the one on the poster.
  20. Looks like it is happening.


    Anyone ever been a to concert there?
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